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Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Punk Rock at Hot Topic!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Buy This CD! Gym Class Heroes As Cruel as School Children

Go buy this cd. Seriously. Kudos to Pete Wentz. You are building a fine empire. Every year Warped Tour has one hip hop band. It's not surprising this was Gym Class Heroes' year considering they are on Decaydance and are part of Atlantic Records and fuelbyramen's plan to use Pete Wentz and his following for all they're worth. The good thing is As Cruel as School Children is a light-hearted, fun change of pace from the cookie cutter bands that AP has been featuring. Don't get me wrong, I love those cookie cutter bands, but it's always nice to have something a little different to contribute to my hearing loss. In the long run, Gym Class Heroes aren't even that different than Fall Out Boy. The lyrics are not unlike all Fall Out Boy songs (although Travis is a little more forward...). Each song is about a girl, with cute spoken word vignettes tucked in between. It's the light-heartedness that Travis McCoy brings to the lyrics combined with a live band as opposed to a dj and samples that's really sold me. Their first single, "The Queen and I" is probably the best track and soon to be my new ring tone. It's one of those songs I swear must have been written about me. Heehee. Then there's "New Friend Request," which is so defining of today's youth. If My Space isn't paying them for cementing their relevance, they really should be. "7 Weeks", featuring William Beckett of The Academy Is... rounds out my top three. Hopefully I don't have to explain why I like a song featuring William Beckett. And those of you who got to witness "7 Weeks" live, with William singing, on Warped Tour, I hope you consider yourselves as lucky as I do!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pete Wentz Update For the Day

HE'S HERE! PETE BOUGHT A HOUSE IN L.A.! I have some serious stalking to do....
Read the story on

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Warped Tour Interviews to Come

There's still plenty more!
-Britt Black
-The Bled
-From Autumn to Ashes
-Motion City Soundtrack

Stay Tuned!

Groupie Girl

We Knew All Along

But somehow, I still feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I knew when he said his favorite sport was horseback riding. I knew when he said his favorite show was "I Love Lucy." I knew when he took Topanga to her senior prom (2 beards?!?). Anyway, congratualtions Lance Bass. Maybe your buddy J.C. will follow in your footsteps soon. P.S. There's no reason to end N'Sync now, you just made half your fan base reaaaaaaally happy.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I've Been Bitten!

Watch the Cobra Starship video. You will drool. Snakes on a Plane. Who'd a thunk it?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Warped Tour Interview #1: The Vincent Black Shadow

Finally! Our first Warped Tour interview is up! In interview #1 Nicky talks to Vancouver band The Vincent Black Shadow about hockey, Davey Havok and Warped Tour cliques. This is a good one. I was skeptical at first, because to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of girl-fronted bands. The girl has to be really good. Well, Cassandra lives up to my standards. She’s not the typical “everyone must love me” kind of girl. Her attitude on stage is “I don’t care what you think,” which isn’t far from her off stage persona. I’m a little intimidated, to say the least. It’s all balanced out by the Kirkham brothers’ amazing energy on and off stage. If you’re looking for something different to check out at Warped Tour, stop by the Shira stage and check them out. If Warped Tour’s passed you by consider picking up the recently released Fears in the Water.

Nicky Agnew: Is this your first Warped Tour?
Vincent Black Shadow: It is our first Warped Tour.

NA: What do you think so far?
VBS: I think it's pretty awesome! We play to good crowds, sell a lot of merch. It's been great. We¹ve met a lot of awesome bands, played Hockey with them.

NA: Where are you from?
VBS: Vancouver

NA: What do you think of all these Canadian bands on Warped Tour?
VBS: They're better than American Bands. Haha!

NA: (to Cassandra) What¹s it like being a girl on Warped Tour?
VBS: I don't know. I don't really hang out with people anyway so it's no different from my normal life back home.

NA: So you prefer to stay on the bus?
VBS: Yeah, and hide and read my Play Station magazine and try to stay out of the sun, but as it's not really working.

NA: What do y'all do other than playing?
VBS: Well, we actually have to build the stage that we play on. I guess that's part of being a newbie band. I mean I love touring but I've also got a construction job! There's not a lot of people doing stuff for you like,
you know, we get kicked out of catering because we don't have star clothes and people are kind of like, well, we don¹t know who you are so you have to go over there now and stuff like that. It's kind of like high school if you're not cool.

NA: Do you think there are cliques at Warped tour?
VBS: Yes! Yes! YES! Everywhere! I'm like all yelling now because it's like you should see the bus parties like after the end of the day, it's like all the people with like the sideways haircuts and like the weird eye shadow (wait, is she talking about MY DAVEY?) like in one corner and the people with like the skateboards and like there was bike jousting the other night so there's like a bike jousting clique. It¹s like anchorman where there were all those stations battling with whips and chains.

NA: What other bands should people check out on Warped Tour?
VBS: Hmmm, who did I watch? I watched AFI the other night and they were pretty good. I've never seen them live before.

NA: Do you get all the hype surrounding AFI?
VBS: Well, kind of. I get why like little girls might like them I think I see Davey like 10 times a day cause there are those guys. It's like back to the clique thing, right. There's like the Davey Havok clique where everyone has like the hair that covers their face and like they have little umbrellas and they walk around and their like, you know, trying not to get tan.

NA: You said you saw Davey in Wal Mart?
VBS: No, I thought he was in Wal Mart and I was going to go up to him and like “Dude, I love your band, “ but it was like a different band called, uh, I can't remember the name actually, they were probably something like Antoher Time I Die on a Friday. I really like Helmet a lot and those are the guys were playing Hockey with. But they left a couple states ago.

NA: Who else do you like?
VBS: I'm a fan more of the old school stuff. I like the Casualties. I like the band that played on my stage when we played like 3 shows in Texas called So Unloved. They were like 3 girls who did old school Misfits meets I don't know who. It's so funny you walk around here and there’s so many kids in Misfits shirt and I'm like “Yeah! One Last Caress,” and they're like, “What? Huh??”

NA: What is your ideal Warped Tour Lineup?
VBS: A reunion of the Misfits, The Damned, Samhain, Danzig, Glenn Danzig. I just want to see the same guys getting back on stage over and over again.

NA: Who else?
VBS: There's a band that's playing the last few shows named Gogol Bordello who were great. The guy has a great mustache, I'm sure he has plenty of small creatures living in there. I really like them, Billy Talent. I also like frog legs too.

NA: To eat or as a band?
VBS: TO EAT. But they could be a band too?

NA: How are Canadian crowds different from American Crowds? Do you think they are?
VBS: Well in Vancouver crowds just stand there with crossed arms and clap briefly when you're done. People don't want to look like they're into stuff. It was really crazy in Dallas and Minneapolis. Vancouver has been getting more spoiled now.

NA: Do you think there are crazy groupies on this tour?
VBS: Not on our bus. Well there were these 15 year old girls in Florida that got on the bus and they were cracking beers open and our tour manager had to kick them out. And then there was this big issue about these 12 and 13 year old girls coming on the bus.

NA: What's the craziest thing youve seen on tour so far?
VBS:When we played in Miami, we were in the middle of a photo shoot, I got a call from my tour manager and he was like you gotta get in here its pouring rain. It was raining fist size raindrops pounding into the ground. And people were canoeing, they were Portaging, they had to portage! And lightening was coming down and someone got hit by lightening at last Warped Tour.

NA: Would you do Warped Tour again?
VBS: Well this is our first American Tour I'd love to move up, Paramore played Shira Stage last year and now They're playing Hurley Stage. I want to come out in a giant robot, or come down in a Giant peach a la Popmart '97 U2. And toilets made of gold in the tour buses that shoot diamonds out.

NA: What’s the most disgusting thing about doing a tour like this?
VBS: I’ll tell you, there was this guy who came out who comes out of the bathroom with the most satisfied look and I walk in there and the toilet was so piled up with shit and toilet paper and doo like piled up, he couldn't have sat on it, it was like a sundae with a shit cherry, I want to know how he physically did that. Like a shit cherry on a shit sundae.

NA: Do you guys compete to see who can get the most repulsive?
VBS: Well he's not here so I can say this, our drummer is the most filthy. But he’s the one who always cleans the bus?

NA: How'd you guys all meet?
VBS: Well three of us are brothers but we all went to high school together so we've all known each other for 6 years.

NA: Do you find that three brothers on tour spell trouble?
VBS: It spells Kirkham. It spells absolute trouble.

NA: What is the most ridiculous thing you've found yourselves doing while
you've been here?
VBS: Our keyboard player got really drunk and started going through all these drawers on our bus and found photos of Elvis Stoyko doing these weird poses and stuck them up all over the bus in weird places. And all the guys on the bus started freaking out cause there’s quite a few homophobic people on our bus.

NA: What are you going to do after this tour?
VBS: Shower. Then we're playing Popcom in Germany which is a 3 day festival like South By Southwest. And then we're going to host a battle of the Bands all throughout the United States.

NA: Is it weird to be a girl on Warped Tour?
VBS: Well we aren't even a girl band, There's 2 girls in the band and 3 guys, so technically we're a guy band.

NA: How’s the BBQ?
VBS: They're awesome, 8 Fingers Down! Awesome BBQ! It's a great way to socialize, we're gonna play hockey with NOFX and we were playing with Helmet earlier on tour.

NA: You guys seem to get along pretty well, is it tough to see the same people day after day?
VBS: You have no choice but to tolerate each other.

NA: How do you factor into Warped Tour? You don't seem to really fall into any genre.
VBS: We're the alternative to the alternative. We are forging new paths, blazing a trail, explore into yonder and beyond, the first ones are always the ones that last look at the Beatles.

NA: Two down two to go.
VBS: Hahahahaha well people walk by us as we're playing and they stop and we get what the fuck faces but a lot of them stop cause we sound different and they buy cds.

NA: Where'd you come up with the name?
VBS: It's a motorcycle, there's a motorcycle company called Vincent that made them in the 50s and the Black Shadow is one of the cooler ones. Hunter S Thompson references it a lot in his writings, in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas he describes it as strange entity. Unknown and mysterious, and we like things that are mysterious and sexy.

NA: So what's been your favorite city in the States? Or are you snobby like the rest of Canadians?
VBS: Texas, I love Texas! And Boulder Colorado, it's probably the cleanest place in the world and there are lots of rocks everywhere. And San Francisco for that good old San Francisco Treat. Rice a Roni!!

The Bamboozle Left Lineup

Well, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a tad bit disappointed. Here's the lineup:
Saturday 10/14
Dashboard Confessional
Jack's Mannequin
Cute is What We Aim For
Linc's special guest (probably won't be as exciting as they want it to be)
Sunday 10/15
Brand New
30 Seconds to Mars
The Bled
Hit the Lights
The Fall of Troy
The Pink Spiders
Check out the Bamboozle Left Website for more info.
I don't know. Does anyone else feel a bit cheated? I just looked at the Bamboozle "right" line-up from this year and it was insane. Not that I'm not grateful for Street Scene, I just would have like Street Scene to be more like Bamboozle, if that makes any sense. Hopefully I'll get some interviews (I'm thinking Cute is What We Aim For?) and I'll get to see 30 Seconds to Mars. Afterall, 30 Secs are on my wish list of bands I've never seen....

Saturday, July 22, 2006

New Groupie Auctions Up!

I've listed a buch of awesome stuff including:

  • A Duran Duran Vintage T-shirt form the 80's
  • A Chloe bag from the Lagerfeld era
  • A fabulous Dior razorblade necklace
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans

Just click on the auctions link above!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Top 10 Boys in Eyeliner

Rockstars have been wearing eyeliner since practically the beginning of music. David Bowie wore more than just eyeliner as did Motley Crue and the New York Dolls, who were all far from feminine. I don't know where the idea that makeup is only for women came from. I mean, if it makes girls hot, in theory it makes boys hot too. Here's some of my favorites:

10. Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day I chose Billie Joe as a hommage to my youth. He didn't always wear eyeliner. In fact, at one point he even had nappy dreadlocks. But he got older and wiser (and pehaps with a little encouragement from his equally hot wife) and he picked up the eyeliner. My favorite Green Day song: Basket Case. Ditto for favorite video, although Jesus of Suburbia gets an honorable mention for the hot guy in eyeliner who stars in it.

9. Bobby Alt of Street Drum Corps I don't know if I can actually qualify Bobby, but he's hot so he's on the list. I guess neon war paint and a mohawk is more than enough to float my boat and hopefully a lot of other peoples'. Plus he's an intense drummer and we all know what drummers are good for...(Go see SDC at Magic Mountain before the park closes for godd this summer!)

8. Matt Good of From First to Last Everytime I watch the Warped Tour reality show on Fuse I see FFTL and I'm sad because by the time I made it to Warped Tour, Sonny had discovered the nodules on his vocal chords. None the less, I enjoyed watching Matt put on slightly prettier war paint than the rest of the band.

7. David Henry of American Eyes I went to high school with this hottie. He didn't wear the eyeliner back then, but I was pleasantly surprised to see him sporting the boy-friendly cosmetic when I ran into him years later. It doesn't hurt that he's a great front man, either. (American Eyes are playing with Street Drum Corps on August 18th at the Key Club in L.A. GO!)

6. Brendon of Panic! At the Disco All I have to say is just try watching a Panic! video without falling in love with Brendon. He's just so stylish and suave in the videos. Just don't call him the next Brandon Flowers! Brendon rocks the eyeliner! Favorite song and video: I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Someone get me into the L.A. show at the Wiltern or the Anaheim show!)

5. Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance I can remember the exact moment I fell for Gerard. I was working at CMJ and Warner had a moniter across the room showcasing their bands' videos. I looked across the room and saw I'm Not Okay playing and in a weird twist I think I asked Sean Hart from Fuse (this is before Fuse even existed) who that beautiful boy was. I'm been smitten ever since. I can't wait to see My Chem at Street Scene! Two more weeks, baby!

4. Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars I guess Mr. Leto doesn't wear the eyeliner so much anymore, but it was all over the first album. Cheers to his brother Shannon for keeping it on, though. My 30 Seconds break through: The Kill. It's on the radio a lot for a reason.

3. wiL Francis of Aiden wiL is my new favorite crush. As I've said before, wiL is a cross between Carlos D and Corey Feldman. But, all the good parts! I'm so excited I finally got to see Aiden live. Seeing Aiden live is even better than looking at them in Alternative Press. I can't wait to see them play a whole show!

2. Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy Petey actually looks a little awkward in eyeliner, but that's why we love him, right? Honestly, I've always viewed Pete as my guilty pleasure. I've actually never meant to like Fall Out Boy and now he's number 2. Oh, well. Favorite song: Dance, Dance Favorite video: A Little Less 16 Candles P.S. I just turned on Fuse on and FOB is on. Creepy, but not too surprising....

1. Davey Havok of A.F.I. I'm sure no one's surprised that Davey is numero uno. Davey's been rocking the eyeliner practically his whole career. I'd even go so far as to say it's reached Bowie-esque proportions with the blue and the glitter. TWO MORE WEEKS! Who's coming to drool over Davey with me at Street Scene?

Well, that's my list and I'm sticking to it. I'm sure I left some hot guys out. Please feel free to comment and let me know! It's what I LIVE for!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wanna Buy a Sidekick?

I have a Sidekick 2 for sale on eBay. Just click on the auctions link! More cool stuff to come soon as well!

The Bamboozle Left!

October 14th and 15th in Pomona!Will I finally get to see 30 Seconds to Mars?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Who Has A Sidekick?

I was just wondering if Tmobile has a program for bands to get free
Sidekicks. Lately I've noticed everyone has a Sidekick. Hmmmm...

I <3 American Eyes

In honor of the lovely party I went to last night:

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My New Obsession

Is there something seriously wrong with me?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Warped Tour Rundown

It’s official. Doing press at Warped Tour is insane. There are so many stages and so many kids and there are interviews to do and people to talk to. Not to mention, we drove 12 hours to get to this show to see AFI. (I’m not going to deny it!) The day was pretty amazing despite sunburns and bottle fights before AFI. I saw a bunch of bands I’ve wanted to see for a while, including Aiden and Armor for Sleep. I also saw some bands I never expected to see like Rise Against and Gym Class Heroes, both of whom totally won me over. I could go on forever about Rise Against and not just about how the singer brought his girlfriend on the road with him. On one hand, people are exposed to a lot of bands they otherwise might not have heard. On the other hand, I only got to watch 15 minutes of the majority of the bands’ sets, which was a real bummer, especially when I only got to hear the last three Motion City Soundtrack Songs before they left the stage. Overall it was a great experience. Our press passes got us backstage and I even saw Angelo from Fishbone lifting weight (Which was super weird, by the way). I also almost made my way to Davey at the end of the night but was usurped by the press lady. I really need to get to know some of these bands better so I can be the guest of a band. I really felt a sense of community, not only from the bands performing, but also from the kids attending. It kinda gives ya’ a warm fuzzy feeling inside, don’t it? Here’s a run down of the day and the bands I saw, with the interviews to follow very soon:

11:00am Nicky and I arrived an hour late because we forgot we lost an hour somewhere along the line. The press table was easy to find. The press tent was not so easy. They gave us a map as we walked in, but if you know me, you know I have no sense of direction. I hadn’t been to Warped Tour in a very long time. I forgot how overwhelming it is. It’s even more overwhelming now then it was 5 years ago. There were 9 stages this year! We finally found the press tent. The press coordinator gave us a schedule and told us what bands could be interview when. It was then I realized there’d be no way to interview bands and watch them so Nicky and I had to split up. Since I dragged her 12 hours so I could see AFI I let her do the interviews and I did the legwork. We hung out for a while, trying to spot the cute band guys but we realized Valient Thorr was already playing! (Which also meant I missed The Academy Is…! Argh!)

12:00pm Valient Thorr was already taking the stage. We’d been big fans of them for a while and we were super excited that they were playing the main stage. They were spectacular and bearded and sweaty and the crowd was into them even at such an early, hot hour. I’ll have to be honest, I was a little surprised they were playing Warped, but they pulled it off and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves and VT’s sexy guitars. I saw a couple of kids actually walking around with VT shirts on. Nicky tried to get an interview out of them to no avail.

12:30pm I made my way over to the Vagrant/Volcolm stages to watch Emanuel. Dropping Daylight was ending their set on the Volcolm stage. It’s always cool when you find something good when you weren’t looking for it. They had that Warped appeal, but the singer played a keyboard set to piano and it was different and really enjoyable. I’m going to have to do some research and find out who these guys are. Maybe I can catch them when they come through L.A. again.

12:45pm Emanuel took the Vagrant stage. They were good. They looked hot. Not hot as in cute, but hot as in the sun was taking its toll on them. The stages had coverings, but I’m not sure it helped that much in the desert. I loved watching Matt. He’s like this intense little guy. The best thing about Emanuel was Matt writhing around on stage. He’s like a cute little hardcore hobbit. (Although I did find that Matt had posted a My Space bulletin today asking everyone to send him $1 since he’s broke. What’s up with that? He will personally call and thank you, though, if you want to do it.)

1:00pm I headed to the Hurley stage to watch Gym Class Heroes, the hip-hop act. I had been listening to them on the way to Las Cruces and was very curious to see them. I have to say; every time I’ve seen a hip-hop band at Warped they’re amazing. And I’m not saying this just because they’re on Pete’s label. They were really good and they provided a good break to dance it out. The vocalist was gorgeous and he had a crush on Natalie Portman. William from the Academy Is… came out to sing his part on the song he sings on (what is called?), and although it looked like the odd couple, the song ruled. I’m definitely going to try and catch them next time they’re here. I’d love to interview them.

1:45pm I was at the Smart Punk stage to see Plain White T’s, who pulled in a pretty decent sized crowd. I happened to catch their video on Fuse a couple of days earlier and I thought I should check them out. I really liked them. They have that radio pop-punk Fall Out Boy appeal. All you haters can shut your mouths because there’s nothing wrong with a lot of people enjoying one band’s music!

2:00pm I was off to see my one and only Shira Girl stage band that day, The Vincent Black Shadow. Man Cassandra could sing. I can totally see why they wanted to make her a pop star in the Philippines. Fortunately she said no to pop stardom and started a band with some adorable guys. Cheers to Canada for giving us this band! Nicky did an interview with them and she said it was funny, so keep checking back!

2:15pm I ran to the main stage to catch Motion City Soundtrack, one of my favorite bands of the day. I didn’t really give them much thought on the way up, but when I heard them I realized they’re that band that sings those songs that I like and never figured out who was singing them. And they were so much fun live! The kids in the crowd knew all the words and Motion City Soundtrack clearly had their own fan base, which was awesome. Cause they were awesome! (Note: I was watching Steven’s Untitled countdown and he says they’re awesome, too!) You just can’t help but sing along with them. I can’t wait to see them play a whole show someday. Nicky had the pleasure of interviewing them as well, so keep checking!

2:45pm It was finally time to rock out to some hardcore with Every Time I Die and hardcore they were. Unfortunately, the dirty field was proving to be a nuisance when people were moshing and the dust was a little more than I could take. Still, they did almost get me in the mood to mosh myself.

3:00pm The Panic Division took the Ernie Ball stage. They were good. They have a sound typical of Warped Tour. At that point in the day it was a little redundant and I was looking for something different. I just wanted to take them and style the crap put of them, though!

3:15pm I wandered back to the main stage to watch the 2nd half of Saves the Day, which totally reminded me of a period in my life that I had almost forgotten about. When all I listened to was Saves the Day, Dashboard Confessional, The Get up Kids, Sunny Day Real Estate and Jimmy Eat World. Sadly to say, that time has passed, and although Saves the Day were fun I think I was much too hot to enjoy myself and I was starting to suffer from very low blood sugar because I would have killed to see them maybe 6 or 7 years ago. But, hey, the security cops there were actually watching them. Seriously. And the singer had pink hair and I saw him carrying a baby around backstage. I don’t know if it was his or not.

3:30pm I went backstage to rest my feet in the kiddie pool for 15 minutes. Nicky was interviewing Britt Black, another rockin’ Canuk. We chatted for a bit and then Brian from 8 Fingers Down came over and told us all about his girlfriend who’s working on Warped. I hope she’s not a shiksa, because he is a very nice, 21 year old, tattooed Jewish boy and if he didn’t have a girlfriend that he loved very much I would be all over that! 8 Fingers Down is the barbeque band, which means they are offered a spot on Warped in exchange for barbequing almost every night for everyone on Warped Tour. Awesome.

3:45pm One of my favorite Long Island bands, From Autumn to Ashes, was playing on the Vagrant stage. They gave me some Hardcore to get my blood moving. They also have a good fan base and a lot of people were there to see them, including a guy with one leg. How hardcore is that? To have a guy with one leg rocking out to your set? (Another interview alert!)

4:00pm Back, all the way across the field, to the main stage for Rise Against. At that point I was so tired I had to sit down. I was all ready to just sit back and take in Rise Against’s set as I had cleared the whole half hour for them. I honestly wasn’t expecting much. I was never much of a fan, except for their newest single being so damn infectious. A lot of the bands we were chatting with raved about Rise Against. Let me tell you, I had to rise myself. (Sorry for the lame dad joke!) They were just what I needed to hear to get back on my feet and into the crowd. I am a fan now. I will tell everyone I can, if they have a chance, go see Rise Against!

4:30pm Right after discovering the joys of Rise Against I discovered the joys of Armor For Sleep. It was a good hour. What can I say? I actually was a fan of AFS before going to Warped. Ben’s cute and they have catchy songs and when bands have a video and it’s some form of them performing on a stage one should take that as a clue that the band is good on stage. Ben just looked like he was meant to be there and all their songs sounded so perfect. It was just like the first time I saw their video on Fuse and was like, “Who’s this? They’re awesome!” They were so good, I missed Underoath to watch Armor For Sleep’s whole set.

5:00pm I didn’t watch many bands on the Volcolm stage, in fact Vaux was the only band I intentionally watched. I wasn’t planning on watching them, but Nicky did an impromptu interview with the singer and she requested I check them out. Boy am I glad I did. They were one of the only rock acts I watched the whole day and rock they did! Plus the singer was so funny when he spoke to the unfortunately small crowd. He said something about how Jesus was playing across the way, which was way funnier when I realized Underoath was still on the main stage. Vaux was totally worth missing the rest of Underoath’s set.

5:45pm Back to the dust bowl that was called the Hurley stage to watch Aiden, a band I’ve wanted to see for so long. I loved Wil. He was amazing. He was like a cross between Corey Feldman and Carlos D complete with Misfits’ makeup. I was in the front at first, but the crowd was ready to mosh and Wil did his fair share of taunting the crowd in to a pit. I was happy they had such an enthusiastic crowd. They are totally deserving of it. Unfortunately the dust was too much and I was only able to watch half of their set. I really, really, really want to see them again when they come through L.A. If you’re going to an upcoming show, I strongly recommend watching Aiden

6:00pm We happened to be walking by the Hot Topic stage when we realized our beloved Warped Tour barbeque band 8 Fingers Down was about to play. It turned out to be a good opportunity to take a break. We sat down on the ground and listened to Brian taunt all the passers by, finally playing 15 minutes later. It kind of brought a tear to my eye how loyal they were to the brand of punk rock I grew up with. If you like NOFX, but missed them in their heyday (even though they’re still on Warped year after year after year…) check out 8 Fingers Down. Once that kind of So-Cal punk returns they will be #1!

6:30 I was finally headed towards the main stage to watch my precious AFI. I won’t bore anyone by actually writing about how amazing Davey was. That’s just a given. The cutest part was that Wil from Aiden was watching from the side of the stage singing every word. It kind of reminded me of Curiosa when I went to see Carlos in Boston and we all watched the Cure from the side of the stage. Oh and when Davey looked up to see a big, black rain cloud and says all dramatic-like, “It’s so close,” I just had to die. I love you Davey!

After AFI played we ran backstage to try and catch Davey. We didn’t catch him but I did act like stupid girl and ogle Wil from Aiden and Ben from Armor For Sleep. I guess the sun had gotten to me. First I spotted Hunter but his girlfriend walked over to him and they walked away. Then I spotted Jade, but couldn’t get to him. I also spotted Smith. I finally spotted Davey in between the two rows of busses. I ran to get back there, but the press contact wouldn’t let us go back there. I was sad, but Street Scene is just a month away!

A special shout out goes to We Are the Fury. As we were leaving they were being silly, trying to sell cds. I gave them a card and they gave me a cd. I loved it. I listened to it twice on the way home. Everyone still headed to Warped Tour, please go watch them! And tell Chris to call me when they come through L.A.! Heehee!

Warped Teaser

I'm still perfecting the review so here's a picture of Davey to keep you interested.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Default Bands

By default I'm watching Dropping Daylight. I kinda like them! They
have a keyboard that's played as a piano!

Vagrant Rules

Look! Emanuel!

Hip Hop Warped

This is Gym Class Heroes. They're on Decaydance. Who's label is
that's? PETE'S!

Rude People

Some asshole just got water all over my sidekick and now the screen is
funny! Anyway, Plain White T's are playing and they have a HUGE crowd.

Almost Forgot

About the skaters!

Giving Girls a Chance

At the Shira Girl stage for The Vincent Black Shadow. I like keyboards.

Main Stage Music

I just got to the main stage and I can already tell why Motion City
Soundtrack is playing it!

Hardcore Warped

I'm watching Everytime I Die now. It's getting me excited for Ozzfest!

New Mexico is Really Hot!

I found a little bit of shade and I'm watching the Panic Division fom
the ground

Cops Love Saves The Day!

What can I say. He was really watching it!

Time Out

I just wanted to take a time out to blog about how hot the vocalist of
Gym Class Heroes is. Not my scene but the hip hop I see at Warped never
ceases to amaze.


In the press tent I found out that the singer of Rise Against has his gf
on tour!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Warped Tour Hangover

We made it back! All the way from El Paso (we couldn't resist driving the extra 45 minutes to say we were in Texas) back to Los Angeles! Warped Tour was insane. I saw so many bands I can't even keep them straight. Here's the list of who I saw:
Valient Thorr
Dropping Daylight
Gym Class Heroes
Plain White T's
The Vincent Black Shadow
Motion City Soundtrack
Everytime I Die
The Panic Division
Saves the Day
From Autumn to Ashes
Rise Against
Armour For Sleep
8 Fingers Down (the beloved Warped barbeque band)
Unfortunately, I only got to watch half of most of the sets because there was just so darn much to see! I'm pretty easy to please and everyone was awesome. My favorites were (aside form AFI of course) were Gym Class Heroes, Motion City Soundtrack, Rise Against, Armour For Sleep and Aiden, but like I said, every band I watched was good. I just have amazing taste. What can I say? Oh, and a special shout out to We Are the Fury. they gave me their EP on the way out and I'm totally in love with it. I listened to it twice on the way home. I'll have a whole run down of the day soon with interviews from Motion City Soundtrack, Vaux, the Bled, The Vincent Black Shadow, From Autumn to Ashes, Britt Black and a bunch of merch guys! And I actually have pictures! I'll put it all up soon!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rock n Rollllllll!

Vaux is the only straight up rock band I've seen all day! There's an
interview from their hot guitarist coming!

I Have Sunstroke

But -'m here watching one of the cutest bands, Armour For Sleep,
although they probably don't want to be called one of the cutest

Really Rise Against

They are so good I think it might be starting to rain! Sometimes you
wonder how a band has gotten so popular, but se RA live before you
wonder about them!

Can't Rise the Sun's Against Me

Rise Against is playing. I swear.

Vagrant Still Rules

We have an interview coming from From Autumn to Ashes!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Finally Here

11am and we're already watching Valient Thorr!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Thing

We're past Tombstone. We just saw the Thing...

On the way to warped

We've hit Tuscon. Davey's in Texas. I'll see him tomorrow in Las
Cruces. I can't wait!