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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jensen Ackles is SuperHot

I know. I need to update this more. Well, not much is going on. I was supposed to go to see High on Fire at the Troubadour but the CUNT at the box office was all like, "This looks like your name, but it's not spelled the same. You can call the tour mnager if you want." WHAT THE FUCK? If you go to the Troubadour please feel free to be rude to this girl. My last name happens to not be spelled exactly like it sounds and I'm almost sure it was spelled wrong at least once for CURIOSA, but they still gave me my passes. The good news is my boss got invited to the Kanye West pre Grammy show at the Avalon and she gave my co-worker and I the invitation. I am going to work all weekend on my Ho-delicious outfit. I'm thinking pink, like Beyonce in her new video. Lately that's about it. I haven't been to that new Dimmak thing at LAX because I still kinda feel snubbed by Aoki from when I messaged him about that other party and then New Year's Eve. I'm also trying to get some Coachella shit together and my lovely editor at LA Record is totally ignoring me! Argh! Hopefully I'll actually get into the Kanye West show because I'm sure everyone who's anyone will be there talking about how GW doesn't care about Kanye. I'd say maybe Davey will be there, but despite seeing him dance to that music, I really don't think he'll show.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Three Strikes

Editors 1/16/2006 Spaceland

Well kiddies, the word of the day is sincerity. There’s something to say for sincerity. It’s missing from a lot of music these days. That’s one thing I can give the Editors. I absolutely felt their sincerity. Especially from the singer who has that very emotional Chris Martin like feel. Apparently the full house at Spaceland also felt that vibe. The people there were there to see Editors and they all seemed vey pleased and excited. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I just didn’t get it. As my friend put it, “They sound like Coldplay on speed.” And I’d have to say they definitely have that Coldplay minus the piano thing going for them and if that’s what you’re into so be it. I’ve seen Coldplay twice and if I thought Coldplay was incredibly boring, well you figure it out. They also had this one song that sounded exactly like Leif Erikson by Interpol. Yes, I’m partial to Interpol, but I think that almost offended me as much as She Wants Revenge. And I scoffed when my friend first mentioned the singer sounded like Paul Banks. Maybe I’m just an old cynic but, I think the deal was pretty much sealed as I waited for my car and some older gentlemen started comparing Editor’s show to The Killers’ “amazing” show at the Troubadour and how “mind-blowing” they both were.

To make matters worse, on the way home I happened to turn on Indie 103 to Brent Bolthouse and Danny Masterson making fun of Hipsters. Wha? Like hasn't Brent Bolthouse looked in the mirror lately? And as if he should talk. If you happened to catch last week's "Meet the Barkers" he was the genius that helped plan Travis's birthday party. Anyway, they had a couple pairs of tickets for Living Things to give away and their idea was to play Journey and have people call in pro or against hipster. Luckily I got too far away for the signal to hear the conclusion. If hipsters have to explain themselves so should Masterson. What's up with the Scientology, huh? Dude, tell us. You were freaking born into that freakdom. Ugh. What's happening to this world?

Monday, January 16, 2006

I Am Living Things Biggest Fan!

On Wednesday 1/18/2006 at Spaceland:

I know saying a band has made several “top records of the year” lists will probably make all you hipsters turn and run the other way. DON’T DO IT! There is something undeniably sexy and listenable about Living Things. Just pretend for a second that you are not too cool to see a band that had buzz for two years before they even released a record. If it helps, I’ve only heard their single Bom Bom Bom on Indie 103, not KROQ. And I swear to god they don’t sound anything like the new (boring) British Invasion bands. No Kaiser Cheifs or Libertines here! Lillian and Eve Berlin are two of the sexiest guys in rock today. The last time I saw this band singer Lillian Berlin came out wearing a skintight, white leather getup. Yes, I know how hokey that sounds, but it was pure Mick Jaggar and young Elvis. He’s also got the perfect combination of intensity and accessibility. He does more than just woo a crowd. He grabs them by the hair and passionately makes out with them. I’ve presented my case. Decide for your self if the hype is worth the ticket.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm a Bad Blogger!

I can never seem to blog enough! Anyway, last night was kinda interesting. We went to Brooklyn Projects to try and go to that hip hop skatboarding game thing. As usual we arrived too late. There were way too many people. So then we left to go to the after party at National. We couldn't find parking so we decided to just go on to Vine Bar. That was interesting. Jesse from Eagles of Death Metal was djing. I met him last time Interpol played, but wasn't sure if he remembered me. So I went up to him and he totally did. He even asked me if I knew what was going on after! Haha! I didn't have a clue. Then who walks in but Josh Homme. He's kinda chubby. And kinda obnoxious. He was outside later and kept walking into the middle of the street. Oh, and Har Mar was there. I think he's scared of me. I decided I wasn't really interested in hanging out with Josh Homme and Har Mar. I cannot tell you how much I miss Darkroom and everyone there. L.A. is so bizarre. We left and went to National where they tried to charge us, but then luckily we ran into the owner of Brooklyn Projects who knows my friend and he told them to let us in. It was lame. Oh, and the birthday party episode of Meet the Barkers has been on. It was a really good idea to be hiding on the smoking patio. And for those of you who have seen it, the marching band was even more ridiculous in person. I'm working on getting into the screening for Freaky! Die Freaky! so if anyone has any hook ups, hook me up, dammit!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Years Eve Usually Sucks Anyway.

NYE 12/31/05

As usual my party was lagging in getting our asses out the door. Not that we were that excited about the gloomy weather or anything. Our first stop was the Little Radio warehouse party. First of all, I have to admit, I was a little insulted that either addVICE or Dimmak would guest list me. Then I get there to find out that they wouldn’t even give me VIP access. You'd think they'd respect the LA Record by now! We missed Living Things and Icarus Line. The Warlocks were good. I can only describe them as having a “comfortable” sound. I like listening to them. They actually made me less anxious. After the Warlocks played they had a really lame countdown. I didn’t notice Emile Hirsch (Jay Adams in Lords of Dogtown) like they had promised. (Plus side- they did have ample Rolling Rock, Sparks,Vitamin Water and what looked like slutty girls.) After that I decided we needed to book it because it looked like DJ Elhaam was up and she’s, well, a little boring to put it politely (I think they let her dj cause she allegedly dates Matt Bellamy from Muse). We booked it downtown to the El Rey to the goth shindig. Needless to say we missed the entertainment there as well. I don’t know what the deal was with the VIP that night, but apparently they “ran out of wristbands.” My cohort Erik Brunetti (or LA Record cover bitch) had to distract the guard so I could run up and hide in the dj booth with Carlos D. I think half the crowd was just girls stalking him. Eventually the guards gave up because there were like 50 people in the El Rey in total. The night ended with plenty of debauchery with Carlos D and Nicola and Adam from ADULT. at the Riot House afterparty (don't tell the security!). As far as New Year’s Eves go, this was pretty tame.