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Thursday, August 31, 2006

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

I got to Stay at the Palms last night. I went to a party in the
Hardwood Suite. I think the Maddens threw it. When we met Joel he said
he was off to meet his girlfriend. I asked if she was coming back with
her. He said no and I said that's too bad. I'm a huge fan. Oh and the
Secret Machines played at the pool that evening if that explains

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Look Out Las Vegas

I'll be hanging out with Blood is the New Black at Pool Monday through Wednesday. Come say hi if you're around!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Lashes are Cute

Should I move to Seattle?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Snakes on a Plane Record Release

Snakes on a Plane Red Carpet
Last night was so amazing I can hardly contain myself. So many awesome bands from the soundtrack came out and played and had a good time.

The night started off with The Sounds. They were surprizingly fun. I'm not a fan of their new album, but Maya appeared to be wasted and very amusing to watch. They also sang Hit Me, which is one of my favorites from the old album.

After the Sounds, Gym Class Heroes played an "accoustic" set. I guess to them accoustic means "seated." Who really cares anyway because I love them and they were awesome. Not as awesome as Warped Tour. (I suspect Travis had been "celebrating" a bit.) But it was still a treat to see them. Then Patrick Stump from FOB came out and performed Cupid's Chokehold with them. I think everyone realized something was definintly going on at that point.

I guess I was a little disappointed when Jack's Mannequin came out to perform next. I take it back. They are my new sad music. Unfortunately, I didn't want to be sad last night!

My mood quickly brightened when FINALLY William Beckett appeared to do a solo accoustic set. OHMYGODHEISSOHOT! Anyway, it was just beautiful William on the stage alone singing songs like Slow Down, which Travis McCoy (GCH) came out and almost ruined, but I forgive him because he's so damn adorable. This was actually very cool because The Academy Is... is done touring and this was like the absolute last chance to hear William sing for a very long time (unless you maybe know him or something...).

As sad as I was about William's departure from the stage, I was still super excited to see Cobra Starship. I know most people write them off as a joke band, but I think it's a big deal for Gabe Saporta to go from a band like Midtown to a dance pop band. He didn't take himself too seriously, but I know he was into what he was doing. Cobra Starship really had their dance on with a keytar playing hot girl and everything, including Gabe sporting sexy, tight, white pants. Yeah, I was looking. What are you going to do about it? Huh? Of course the finale was Snakes on a Plane. The entire cast of the song came out to perform their parts. It was probably the only chance ever for anyone to see that and I am grateful to have been there. But that wasn't the biggest surprize of the night, believe it or not...

The whole night everyone kept talking about a surprize after Cobra Starship. What could this surprize possibly be? Hmmmm... Patrick Stump had already performed with GCH and everyone spotted Pete Wentz in the VIP section. Yes, indeed, FALL OUT BOY PLAYED AT THE KEY CLUB! I was elated. I got to here Dance, Dance live for the first time at an intimate (but rock-worthy) venue. This was truly a gift to the fans. Fall Out Boy is in LA recording, so they weren't expected to be playing any shows any time soon. I'm just happy because: 1. I finally saw Pete and 2. I got to pop my FOB cherry at the Key Club instead of somewhere lame like Long Beach Arena.

I'm sure everyone had a good old time at Pete's house after, but I was too tired to stay out. I'll be asking around for gossip, though...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dreams Do Come True

Pete Wentz of the week-

Muthafukin' Snakes on Muthafukin' Planes!

I love Cobra Starship!

The William Beckett

Hottie McHottie. Just did an accoustic set.

Jack's Mannequin

Oh My Gym Class Heroes!

I'm at the SOAP record release party. Patrick Stump just came out and
did Cupids Chokehold with GCH!

Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm At Disneyland!

We're waiting for the fireworks.

Friday, August 11, 2006

A Word About Under the Influence of Giants

First of all, about 7 years ago, Aaron Bruno and I worked together at Hot Topic in Thousand Oaks. He was in a hardcore band. He had really short hair and looked like a total hardcore jock. Don't get me wrong, he still looked good, just jock-like. If anyone had told me he'd be singing in a band that's a total throwback to the Bee Gees wearing yellow glove like things and sporting long hair (with bangs no less) I'd have had that person committed. Drew worked in the Journey's right across the way and he was an ass. Later he worked at Chaos, a skate store and he was still an ass. Unfortunately he's always been cute. Jamin Wilcox went to Calabasas High School where he was best friends with Jason Boyd, Brandon's younger brother. My friends at Calabasas named him "string bean man." Just thought I'd share...

Best News All Day

From Gym Class Hereos AND The Academy Is... via MySpace:

Stalkers and Gawkers,

The tables have been turned and now its your turn to be blinded by the flashing lights. For all you little prince and princesses attending the super serpentine show at The Key Club on Wednesday (8/16) in L.A get ready to get your picture taken. Thats right, this aint no average red carpet dilly. Yep, I said it, RED CARPET. Fans will have the chance to walk down the red carpet and be interviewed by Mr. Beckett, Mr. McCoy and Mr. Saporta. So make sure the stalkerazzi gets your best angle - dress accordingly and get ready to be all over page 6.

If Pete's there the evening will be even better!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pete Wentz Gossip of the Day

OMG! So I randomly met someone online WHO'S BEEN TO PETE'S HOUSE in LA. He said Pete throws a pretty good party. It must have been post-Warped because all these Warped bands were there. The Academy Is... of course, Aiden, Motion City Soundtrack, etc. I told him he has to take me next time.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Vaux Rocks!

Vaux is the most un-Warped band I saw at Warped Tour. That's a good thing, though. They have a unique sound; hardcore roots with with a healthy dose of indie rock. But the best part is, for those of you following Fat Mike's plight on "Inside Warped," Quentin makes fun of Underoath. When we watched them play, Quentin blamed the less than stellar crowd on "Jesus playing across the lot." Sure enough, as I checked my schedule, Underoath was still on the main stage. Groupie Nicky had a chance to sith down and talk Warped good and bad:

Nicky Agnew: So this is your 3rd Warped Tour, right?

Quentin from Vaux: If you put all the pieces together this’ll be our 2nd
N: And you guys are going all the way through this time out?

Q: No, actually tomorrow, we have a 2-week break after tomorrow.

N: So you guys aren’t coming to L.A. then?

Q: Nope.

N: So, I noticed you’re married… Do you have any crazy Warped Tour stories to share or that you can share?

Q: Um so far this year, we’re doing it in a van this year, we did it in a bus before, but when you’re in a van it’s basically we play, pack up, leave and drive.

N: You have no time to yourself, do you?

Q: Nah, so there’s nothing crazy… There’s like a choice between going to the after party and sleeping. Sleeping all the way!

N: I think age is catching up with us fast. Cool, so does your wife come on the road with you?

Q: We’ll have it where like our girlfriends or wives will come out for a certain amount of time, but since there are six of us it would be crazy, you know, if everyone was out all the time.

N: And packed in a van at that?

Q: It would be a madhouse.

N: do you guys find that you have more fun when it’s just the boys?

Q: I think it’s always nice for the person whose extra company is around. It’s kind of a break, but when it’s just the 6 of us in the van it’s kind of how we started and what we’re the most comfortable with.

N: What Warped bands have you been excited to see?

Q: Oh man, I haven’t watched a whole lot of bands. Valient Thorr is pretty badass.

N: Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of good things about them. Personally, I love them.

Q: And this band called ASG whose not on today but they’re pretty rockin’ and actually I like this band Voltaire who’s playing right now. They’re from Australia.

N: So, any crazy Warped Tour stories from your past?

Q: Oh man, we had one night where the drummer and I, we were sharing a bus with the now defunct Vendetta Red, and a couple of us went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean and the rest of the guys stayed behind and finished a whole bottle of Absinthe, right? So we come back to the bus and there’s like 3 or 4 naked men just running around outside throwing fruit at each other.

N: Do you enjoy touring?

Q: It depends. This tour is rough just because it’s so much driving and the route is crazy if you’re in a band.

N: You’re kind of just going all over the place.

Q: Yeah, and it’s the middle of the summer… Like we went to Europe with Thrice and that was fantastic. Especially since we weren’t headlining so we didn’t have to be there for sound check.

N: So you got to show up, play and have fun.

Q: Yeah! So it can be good and it can be bad. I mean it’s a lot of time away from home. And the older we get, the more that kind of changes.

N: Do you feel like there’s a sense of community on the tour?

Q: I think everyone is outwardly nice. We’re probably the least outwardly nice people though.

N: At least you’re honest.

Q: It just feels like there’s a lot of, you know, ass kissing going on.

N: So you kind of feel like, “been there, done that”?

Q: I’m not sure if it’s that so much as that we just don’t get to hang out. We don’t really know anyone and so we’re kind of like isolated. It’s cool because we get to come here, pass out and we have like tons of free music to a huge audience but like it’s not necessarily where we want to be playing.

N: What do you think about the girls on Warped Tour? Like the Shira Girl stage?

Q: A lot of them are scabby! A lot of scabby ladies on the tour. I’m not sure what that’s all about.

N: What about Joan Jett?

Q: She’s got those weird muscles that dudes have that work on their abs a lot. Those angled ones that go towards the penis.

N: Do you think Warped Tour is marketed to girls more in a way of a showcase of cute guys?

Q: I think it’s geared toward marketing for companies, which sucks. It has absolutely nothing to do with music.

N: Would you do Warped Tour again, then?

Q: I’m not sure now… Who knows? To do it exactly how we are right now? No way…

N: Do you think cute merch guys are the new cute merch girls?

Q: Interesting. We have a merch guy, but he’s back in Denver right now.

N: It’ seems like the days of merch girls are numbered.

Q: Are they? Were there days of merch girls?

N: I think there were… But right now it’s mostly cute guys and I’m just trying to figure out if that was a conscientious decision.

Q: I think that’s where music is at right now. They gave boy bands guitars.

N: Do you think a lot of those “boy bands” are on Warped right now?

Q: It’s just pop songs with guitars in them.

N: Musically, who are your influences?

Q: Well, I mean when we started the band we all listened to like old hardcore bands and all that. That’s kind of the scene we came out of but at this point.. I’ve been listening to a lot of Blonde Redhead recently… the new Placebo record is good and I feel like we’re kind of heading more in that direction.

N: Well you can’t always be that angry can you?

Q: I think you can. Trent Reznor seems to be!

N: Anything else you want to share?

Q: Do you have any gum?

Street Scene

I haven't uploaded my pictures yet, so this will be brief. Street Scene wasn't that great. AFI was amazing and so was Snoop Dogg. That's about it. Stupid Gerard had to break his leg and cancel so I STILL haven't seen My Chemical Romance. I was selling clothes all weekend, so I also don't have any interviews. I'm going to try and interview Joe Cardamone from the Icarus Line at Fuck Yeah Fest. Then at Summer Strummer I'm hoping to get some good ones. It doesn't really matter because I STILL haven't finished the Warped Tour interviews. I will finish them! I swear!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Elton John Disses American Bands

I'm not surprised to find that Elton John has been criticizing American bands' style. Not because American bands have bad style, but, well, look at poor Sir Elton. He needs to go on a diet. In an article put out by the Associated Press Sir Elton says, "And I think it's good that some American bands are beginning to do that, but it's still very rare for bands to make a real effort. So when you get groups like The Killers and Scissor Sisters who come along, it's thrilling. I'm so over the tattoos and the T-shirts and rings through the noses. It's not pretty, it's not pleasant, it's not exciting. Please stop it now."
I don't know if he realizes exactly who he's talking about. First of all, the Killers jack their style from bands like Interpol, who are eight hundred million times better than the Killers both musically and style wise. And does he not realize that no one really recognizes the Scissor Sisters for their musical talent, but more for their flamboyancy? Plus, what bands is he speaking of exactly? Grunge has been off the scene for quite awhile now. I wonder if he criticized Ryan Adams for his grungy style.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Groupie Girl at Street Scene

I'll be hangin' out sellin' my clothes with my friends from Blood is the New Black at Street Scene this weekend. If you're areound come say hi!