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Monday, June 05, 2006

My MTV Movie Awards

Yes. In the name of journalistic pursuits (and my love for AFI) I spent a day as a pit audience member at the MTV Movie awards. It was a very long day. I had to stand outside in a heard of people (probably half my age as one only needed to be 16 to attend, well, not quite half my age...) for about seven hours, pretend to be enthusiastic about every award they gave out and act excited to see Christina Aguilara. I had to do this all alone (my friends all flaked) and without my Sidekick! I did survive, though, to get my reward of seeing AFI live instead of just on TV.
I got there right at the cut off of getting in, around 3:30. My first hour or two was spent in the parking garage in a heard of other people whom also had the honor of pit tickets. I'll have to be honest, journalist (hah!) or not, I always feel awkward going places alone. Luckily it didn't really matter what time I arrived as we were then herded through the metal detectors in 3 or 4 different lines. The next couple of hours were spent in the middle of two soundstages at Sony. The casting people tried to separate the crowd of 400-500 people in to four groups. Us AFI fans made it difficult, though. We were the only ones there for a particular reason. Then they kept drilling into us how we had to be enthusiastic or we'd get kicked out. Obviously my other AFI co-horts and myself planned on getting booted right after AFI.
Finally they ushered us all into the soundstage. Unfortunately there was no relief. The soundstage was incredibly hot and when everyone was in they announced they'd be shooting out of order. Christina would be playing first, then the awards, then Gnarls Barkley, and FINALLY AFI. All us AFI fans were SOL!
Once things got started they moved pretty fast. They played a surprisingly good array of videos during the downtime. Fall Out Boy's Dance, Dance, when of course I had to squeal a little. They also played a Secret Machines Video, which was crazy. I was not expecting that at all. My place in the audience was right in the middle of the catwalk, the first place the celebrity presenters stopped. That was kind of cool. Some of my personal favorite highlights were Justin Timberlake (So sue me! He's hot!), who was adorably, slightly shy, but very gracious and Zach Braff, who was so cool to the pit audience, talking to us and getting us hyped up. I don't want to go on and on about my fake Jewish boyfriend, but I really do have a huge crush on him. Mandy Moore is one lucky shiksa!
Finally after what seemed like a million years, well, maybe like a year, they started setting up for AFI. They had an gorgeous, all white set. We were all getting really hyped up, when the production people came out with a box of white shirts, telling us we all had to put one on. Well, I'll do it for AFI. When I noticed Davey was perched at the end of the catwalk part of the stage I could not stop staring! They whole time my eyes were only on him. I'm sure you'll see me acting retarded in that crowd. Just look for the short girl. It looked like it'll translate to a pretty awesome show. I'm not sure where they're getting spliced in, but watch it. They looked amazing. And, no, I won't give you any spoilers.


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You made it! So glad you had fun!!!

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