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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Street Drum Corps Interview form Taste of Chaos 3/30/06

Drunk Groupie:How is Taste of Chaos going?

Street Drum Corps: (Bobby): So far we’ve done about 30 shows all over the United States. We’re getting ready to go into Canada. Every single show has been amazing. The bands are great. Lots of kids, there’s probably between five and ten thousand kids a night. We play right before the Deftones. We also play a song with the Deftones. So we get a chance to, you know, have that amazing crowd. And we go and hang out at our merch booth and talk to the kids, and try to really take in the whole experience, the whole Taste of Chaos experience, you know, all day long. Getting up early, setting up,

Frank: We play performances for the kids waiting in line. We go out and do street style, five minute little blasts for the kids waiting in line and that awesome because the get to see us just raw doing street style and then they get to come and see us doing the big show so that’s a really cool little treat.

DG:Any good gossip?

SDC: (Bobby): I woke up like two days ago and there was a sign that said “All Bands Orgy At 3pm.” (this got a little ridiculous, and my stupid ipod got fuzzy, so I’m not going to transcribe all of this answer, but we joked a lot about the Christian and Straight Edge Bands.)

DG:Which other bands have you been hanging out with?

SDC: (Adam): We hang out with everybody differently during the day. We all wake up at different times. We go to catering and hang out with the guys from Story of the Year, eat lunch with them and then we hang out side and smoke a cigarette with the guys from the Deftones, or whatever, so we kind of hang out with everybody, really.

Bobby: Hanging out on Taste of Chaos and Warped Tour are great for meeting other bands. (and once again my ipod recording got too fuzzy to understand, but Bobby was talking about how he has met bands in the past with his other band, S.T.U.N. on Warped that he has ended up touring with.)

Unfortunately my makeshift ipod digital recorder totally stopped working at this point until my last question, in which I can barely make out, but it’s an easy one:

DG: Did you start this band because chicks dig drummers?
SDC: (Bobby or Adam, I can’t tell/remember): Of course!

I have to apologize to everyone for not being more professional and having proper recording equipment! I swear next time I’ll do way better!


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