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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

If I Didn't Love That Accent So Much...

The Subways 11/28/2005 Spaceland

There are two kinds of “rock” bands from the UK: the Britpop bands and the actual rock bands. The Subways walk a fine line between both. They aren’t too poppy like the Maximo Park, nor do they sound like Nine Black Alps (hot, young UK Nirvana rip-off). Their single, “Rock n Roll Queen,” is their poppiest song. The band is super cute and super young (the bassist and the drummer aren’t even 21) which means they have loads of energy on stage, which works to their advantage by drawing the crowd in. For a Spaceland show the crowd was ever so slightly more enthusiastic than usual, no jumping or hooting, but plenty of polite clapping. The Subways put on a decent show. There's no real mind-blowing moments, but they seemed to hold most people's attention. It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll grow as a band or if the relationship between the singer and the (girl) bass player will break up the band.


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