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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Johnny, no!

AFI's Johnny Depp Tribute 11/11/05

I think the same thing that fascinates people about Hollywood can also bore them to death. I love Johnny Depp. The only person who rivals him in my DVD collection is Joaquin Phoenix, which is why I was super excited to be invited to attend AFI's tribute and actually get to see Johnny in person. Unfortunately the night was not nearly as exciting as I was hoping. Yes, Mr. Depp was there. And, yes, he did discuss his career. But there was no glitz! No glamour! No co-stars gushing about how great he is. No big Hollywood stars period. (Unless you count Harvey Weinstein, and in that case big it is!) They started off by showing a montage, then they had a question and answer with the chairperson of AFI, then they showed another montage. And the clips they chose were completely typical. Benny and Joon (how'd you do the Charlie Chaplin, Johnny?), Edward Scissorhands (yes, Tim Burton was Edward.), Pirates of the Carribean (Keith Richards, blah, blah, blah). I was surprised the actually threw in Ed Wood, then I was disappointed that they totally dismissed Dead Man, which is one of my personal favorites in general. It was very hard to keep my eyes open til the end montage. Maybe next time they should do a roast...


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