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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

40 Greatest Metal Songs

So, last night I sat and watched VH1's 40 Greatest Metal Videos with my father. As with all VH1 countdown shows, there were no big surprises. Some of the highlights were:
1. My dad asking who the host (Sebastian Bach) was and me replying, "He's on Gilmore Girls, remember?" I do have to give him props though. He's an obsessive Kiss fan and Slave to the Grind is a pretty hard song. When people question why Skid Row was considered a hair band I have to wonder, did they really forget "I Remember" or whatever the ballad was called.
2. Pointing out all the nice Jewish men to my father, which brings me to
3. Scott Ian looking like he's 25 when he's got to be like 40, right?
4. My dad jamming out to Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and me grumbling that it's not my favorite Metallica song. When my dad asked me what should be on there I muttered something about "Master of Puppets," which isn't their best, but better than "Enter Sandman." Luckily "Master" was higher up on the list. 5. My dad telling me all about this tape he had back in his stoner days everytime a Sabbath song was on the countdown, then having to explain to my dad why Iron Butterfly was not included.
6. My dad asking me what the number one song was and me, never having watched this before, answering "Iron Man." It's good to be right.


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