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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halloween is Everyday

I suppose I owe a really long entry. Well, let me try.

Here's to the 5 days of Halloween!
Costume: 50's pin up kitty cat. Hot, but not super creative.
Party: Mick Fleetwood's daughter's shindig at some place I've never been to. I think it was called Alexander's?
Celebrity Sightings: John C. Reilly and his girlfriend were dressed as Simon and Garfunkel. John C. Reilly is really funny, and hey, he got Wil Ferrill to come on SNL the other week, but why is he following us everywhere? (He was at the Beastie Boys after party, too.)
The Drunk Factor: Apparently I kept saying I was a urinal. Seriously, no one peed on me, nor did I want to get peed on. I don't even remember this. I do remember talking about the urinal in the men's bathroom. Then we went to our friend's room at the Standard and I took a bath in the giant bathtub. Seriously, I could fit 12 of me in that tub. Then the Standard lost our keys and we had to take a nap in the lobby. Ugh.

Costume: My personal Project Runway challenge. To make Cowboy and Indian costumes out of Blood is the New Black T-shirts, which turned out fabulous, by the way.
Parties: The Rough Draft, Inc. (Futurama, Draw Together) party and a rooftop party at Rich's.
Celebrity Sightings: Jeffery from Project Runway hanging out with his wife, looking sullen. I wonder, is he sad that he has to do an internship for INC now? I also didn't realize how tight circles were and that I know a lot of people who know him. Thank god I was rooting for him the whole time.
The Drunk Factor: Despite the open bar at the first party, I wasn't drinking. No hilarity ensued.

Costume: 40's Sailor Pin Up Girl. Hot. Very hot.
Party: Le DIsko at Safari Sam's
Celebrity Sightings: Just local celebs Keith Wilson and DJ White. Huge crush on Keith, by the way!
The Drunk Factor: I think I got pretty wasted. I was there til the bar closed. I had tons of fun and if I had my way I'd be at Le Disko right now!

Costume: Egyptian Princess, inspired by Theda Bara or as I started telling people when they asked if I was really Egyptian, Queen Esther.
Party: Rooftop at the Standard Downtown
Celebrity Sightings: This was a good one. I was a guest of Danny Hunt from Ladytron. Reuben was also there. I spotted David J from Bauhas, spoke briefly with Jesse from MSTRKRFT and DFA79. My crush, Keith Wilson was there. Justice dj'd and get this- Franki Chan AND Steve Aoki were in the same place! Hello hipsters!
The Drunk Factor: THE BARTENDERS AT THE STANDARD DOWNTOWN SUCK! Seriously. Next time I'm sneaking in my own booze. I would have liked to take the party to the Riot House, but I stupidly didn't drive my own car. Oh, and the Polyphonic Spree's manager tried to pick me up. Try managing a good band and then try picking me up! Oh, and this dude was dressed up as cocaine and his costume was brilliant. The Justice dj set was amazing. People danced their asses off. Oh, and Jesse was saying something about playing Britney and K-Fed's party. Never found out what that was all about...

Tuesday, Halloween Proper:
Costume: Super 60's Slumber Party
Party: Ladytron at the El Rey and Check Yo Ponytail for 15 minutes
Celebrity Sightings: Um, Ladytron. Duh! I was actually a guest of Danny's. We go way back (well, kinda) and I love hanging out with him. I actually expected to see more people, but they didn't do a very good job with the VIP area...
The Drunk Factor: I was pretty wasted. Ladytron was amazing. Oddly enough, it was my first time actually seeing them play. I'm glad I had the chance. The crowd was huge! Much better than New Years Eve. Thanks to the El Rey, other things were kind of disasterous, but what can you do? They had Karaoke upstairs after, but my friend had a broken feather pillow and blew down feathers everywhere. I'm allergic, so it kinda killed it for me. Oh, well. Then I freaked out and we left and went to Check Yo. It was packed and humid and disgusting. Justice was still djing and the crowd was still dancing. It was amazing. I saw someone I met in San Diego with Josh and kind of freaked out. I was hoping someone would try and get ahold of me before I got too far, but no dice. Next time. I did have a good time, though. I just wish it could have lasted longer.

Thursday I went to Safari Sam's to see 45 Grave. I love Dinah Cancer, but honestly, I wasn't that impressed. The crowd was small and I think I drank too much coffee. That paired with waiting for someone to show up all night kind of killed it for me. It sucks because I should have been into watching 45 Grave. They were one of my favorite bands and one of the things that broke the ice with Carlos (although, a lot of good it did considering how I feel about him now). Then to make matters worse, my car broke down on the way home. I had to call my mother to come get me at 1am. I'm totally taking her to see Wicked at the Pantages.

Friday was kind of funny. I had no car so I solicited someone to come to come get me and take me to see Borat. Oddly enough Bobby from the Warlocks (not Bobby Bones, the other Bobby) decided he should drive all the way out to where I live only to find out the showing we wanted to go to was sold out. I felt really bad. There's nothing to do here so he just took me back home. I totally owe him a movie.

Saturday we went to 14 and Shooting, Jennifer "Precious" Finch's (L7) photo show opening. They were amazing photos of the L.A. Punk scene from 1979 to 1985 or so. Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Black Flag, Courtney Love, Bad Religion. Everybody was on the wall. It was intense. Sometimes I feel like I've missed out on so many important things by not being born at the right time. I've experienced a lot, but I guess you always want what you can't have right? She also had a color photo wallpaper room. It had her diary from Lollapalooza, which was so special to me because I was 15 when they did that Lollapalooza and I was there and I was a huge fan of L7, whom I saw play several time while I was in high school. All kinds of people were there. I spoke with Bryan Rabin about the glory days of Cherry and told him I'm probably a lot older than I look. In reality, he's the one who looks amazing. Seriously. What's your secret, Bryan? I met the Donna's manager I think. I met a lot of people, whom I know are important, but it's so hard to keep track, dammit! Apparently the Donnas are going to sign to My Space records, but it's secret so don't tell anyone. I think one of the brothers from the Meat Puppets was there. He was a big dude with long red hair, anyway. Mickey Avalon was there. Whoo-hoo. It was a great show, though. Afterwards I went to Jen "Precious" Finch's house to swim in the lovely, heated pool. Good times, good times.

So, sorry for the long-winded update. I know I'm not nearly as interesting as Corey Kennedy, but hey, I'm trying. The Horrors are playing Safari Sam's on Tuesday. I intend to be there. The launch party for that Zune thingy is Thursday. I hope it's the real party and Pete Wentz is there. Don't you?


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