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Thursday, October 27, 2005

So Sleepy...

10/26/05-Valient Thorr @ Scene Bar

I'm really waaaay to tired to think. The show last night was awesome. Everyone was drunk and there was a lot more people there than Kniting Factory. Let me tell you, there's nothing better than watching a drunk guy play guitar. Too bad he has a girlfriend. It's sweet he's trying to stay faithful. Good luck, my dear, good luck. There are plenty more where I came from...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sweaty Guitar Gods

Valient Thorr- 10/24/05, Knitting Factory

If the middle of Venus is a time machine that can bring awesome guitar rock from 1979, then that is indeed where Valient Thorr comes from. Even with the disappointing turn out at the Knitting Factory show Monday, these boys rock the house. With all the long hair, beards, sweat, guitars and some more sweat it’s enough to make a drunken groupie wet herself. The singer seemed to be in some kind of otherworldly metal god trance telling the audience that Rock and Roll should be our drug of choice and when we want to have fun we should just turn some on. Evoking the spirit of the best guitar rock reminiscent of put your hand in the air and rock along the lines of Motorhead and Manowar, Valient played a set even the biggest metal head could appreciate, including the band's own metal groupie rocking out in her acid wash denim jacket and bullet belt.
After the show I was so eager to meet the band that I didn’t even care about the sweat. I just wanted to talk to those hot guitar gods. Off stage, they were actually really “down to earth,” especially the tall, sexy guitar player. I had such a crush on him. We met up with the band at the Snake Pit for a couple Stellas, where I proceeded to spend the night sitting on his lap and flirting and asking what being on Warped Tour was like. Did I mention he knows my ex-boyfriend?

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Faint, Not the Faint

God's Gang/Broken Spindles-10/23/05, The Echo
God's Gang had a rocky start, their little, blonde guitar drummer kept laughing at herself while she was reading something unintelligible from some huge book, trying to set the mood. Then she went over and picked up her guitar and the drums and synth kicked in. In the end God's Gang was like some beautiful guy that almost gets you off, but then finishes right before he does. Their music stayed on one level and never quite had a crescendo. Maybe if they had brought the interpretive dancer back… Broken Spindles were okay. After all they hype about them not being the Faint they actually did sound like a striped down version of the Faint. Less dance, more punk? If anything, Joel Peterson proved he had an inkling of stage presence as a front man, but in the end a band with two members form the Faint is still going to sound kinda like the Faint.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blistering in the Sun...

See Violent Femmes @ Santa Anita Race Track 10/22/05! This Saturday!

The 90's are the new 80's. At least that's what I hear. I fully intend to live out my high school glory days by betting on horses and checking out how old Gordon Gano and company looks. I'm also looking forward to finding out if the xylophone can still rock the house and if songs about masturbation can still hold a crowd's attention. Hopefully I'll win a few bucks and have a good time watching a band that never had to break up and then have some hokey "reunion" show. Go Seabiscuit go!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Oh Noooooooooooo!

They just used Slow Hands on Laguna Beach! And, no, I don't have an excuse for watching it.

Go See Elkland!

Elkland @ the Echo 10/30/2005

The world may need another folk singer like David Lowry needs a hole in the head, but the world could definitely use a new synthpop band. The world needs Elkland. Sounding like a combination of all your favorite dance songs at Bang, Elkland is a guilty pleasure that is more refreshing to see than attempting to watch the bands that influenced them (see New Order at Coachella). In the long run they may just be a novelty, but I can guarantee these boys are more fun to watch (and more fun to dance to!) than any of those tired dance punk bands. Break out your legwarmers and do some Domino Dancing!

Back Entries!!!!!

I'm not very good at updating, am I?

Backstage Report: Turbonegro @ the Avalon, Friday, October 14, 2005

After being disappointed by the crowd’s under enthusiasm during Turbonegro’s set, I wasn’t expecting to see much at the after party backstage. And I didn’t get much. After taking longer than Interpol to give the go ahead they finally let people into the back room. Too bad we had already been subjected to the infamous Spyder club and it’s horrible thumping bass. No one was really back there thanks to that H.I.M. band playing on the same night. Only Bryan Rabin, formerly of Club Cherry fame. Meh. And the band wasn’t very exciting off stage either. Out of makeup, as most people do, they looked pretty scary. Even Euroboy. And they were pretty low-key. I didn’t see any point in trying to make out with any them so I just left. The best part of the night was seeing Happy Tom outside of the Burgundy Room almost getting in a fight with a big, dread-locked black dude.

Why Tuesday Night Sucks (October 11, 2005)
Opening my email invite to BPM's party at LAX featuring DJ AM (Nicole "ultimate bobblehead doll" Ritchie's fiancee) was pretty exciting. Getting there, waiting in line and then being told the club is at capacity is not exciting. Judging by the crowd that was getting past the velvet rope, maybe not getting in isn't so bad. After the sea of fake boobs, blonde asian chicks, and guys in seersucker jackets, the only person worth mentioning isn't really worth mentioning at all. Seriously, how cool is the guy in American Pie that went to Taradise and back and then dropped off the face of the earth?

Then walking by Rokbar, thinking that could be cool, I remember Methods of Mayhem. My friend is so nauseated by the whole experience she doesn't even want to try and salvage the evening.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Living Things Revive Grunge

Being a sucker for Nirvana, I love Living Things' Ahead of the Lions. It blends the sound of 90's Grunge rock with the sexiness and mentality of today's music. Brothers Lillian, Eve and Bosh Berlin write compelling, political lyrics that rival Bloc Party and add accessibility that will hold even the most ADD-ridden person's attention. If you like to sing along with CDs in your car and totally rock out at the same time, buy this CD. I caught myself singing along with some of the choruses the first time I played it.

What's the next step after you out the love of your life?

If I thought last night would be as boring as the rest, I was wrong. After the usual art crap and then a detour to Cheetah's Bunny and I ended up at the Vanguard VIP.

I was trying to lower my expectations so I wouldn't be disappointed as we walked up the stairs. Benji Madden was spinning and was bracing myself for an onslaught of tunas (as we called 'em back in the day at the notorious Las Virgenes high schools). I was right about the Hollywood Trash.

Then all of a sudden there he was. The love of my life Davey Havok. My heart was racing. I didn't know what to do. Then I noticed how he was dancing to the hip hop Benji was providing. He's totally gay. I'm convinced. Next time I'm going to make sure I have my wits about me and introduce myself and find out for sure. Because I am so sad right now.

On the other hand, Benj was looking kind of adorable and chubby. Even next to his Hillary Duff cradle robbing brother Joel who did nothing but get hit on by some girl and seemingly text messageHillary (we hope). It was slightly disappointing she wasn't there. And for some reason I kept looking around, expecting to see Kristen Cavallari. I lose brain cells every time I watch Laguna Beach. Ugh. Someone save me.