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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Three Strikes

Editors 1/16/2006 Spaceland

Well kiddies, the word of the day is sincerity. There’s something to say for sincerity. It’s missing from a lot of music these days. That’s one thing I can give the Editors. I absolutely felt their sincerity. Especially from the singer who has that very emotional Chris Martin like feel. Apparently the full house at Spaceland also felt that vibe. The people there were there to see Editors and they all seemed vey pleased and excited. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I just didn’t get it. As my friend put it, “They sound like Coldplay on speed.” And I’d have to say they definitely have that Coldplay minus the piano thing going for them and if that’s what you’re into so be it. I’ve seen Coldplay twice and if I thought Coldplay was incredibly boring, well you figure it out. They also had this one song that sounded exactly like Leif Erikson by Interpol. Yes, I’m partial to Interpol, but I think that almost offended me as much as She Wants Revenge. And I scoffed when my friend first mentioned the singer sounded like Paul Banks. Maybe I’m just an old cynic but, I think the deal was pretty much sealed as I waited for my car and some older gentlemen started comparing Editor’s show to The Killers’ “amazing” show at the Troubadour and how “mind-blowing” they both were.

To make matters worse, on the way home I happened to turn on Indie 103 to Brent Bolthouse and Danny Masterson making fun of Hipsters. Wha? Like hasn't Brent Bolthouse looked in the mirror lately? And as if he should talk. If you happened to catch last week's "Meet the Barkers" he was the genius that helped plan Travis's birthday party. Anyway, they had a couple pairs of tickets for Living Things to give away and their idea was to play Journey and have people call in pro or against hipster. Luckily I got too far away for the signal to hear the conclusion. If hipsters have to explain themselves so should Masterson. What's up with the Scientology, huh? Dude, tell us. You were freaking born into that freakdom. Ugh. What's happening to this world?


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