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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Big, Beautiful, Black and No Wave

ESG at the Echo 2/24/06

Last night's ESG show at the Echo did not disappoint. Those big, beautiful women were so on and so together I almost forgot the year was 2006. (And I would have had it not been for all the stupid digital cameras and camera phones!) Keep in mind, these are some lovely, large African American women who's first album was produced by Martin Hannett. The same dude that produced Joy Division. It was certainly an interesting reaction from the mostly white crowd, most of whom were completely versed in the No Wave art funk ESG is so loved for by hip hop artists and dj's. No less interesting was the reaction from ESG, who no doubt were slightly surprised by the young, hipster crowd that knew all their songs so well they all had favorites to yell out. (Most of them wanted to hear Erase You, which for some reason they didn’t play. Even with 2 encores.) Leave it to ESG to get a typically indifferent Los Angeles crowd to dance the whole show, playing the dj favorite "Move" towards the end. This turned out to be most amusing. Half the white kids there had no rhythm, as well as no shame. ESG also brought out their share of hipster celebs. My friend and I were groovin' along to the music when she turns to me and says, "Do you realize we're sandwiched between girls that have hooked up with Vincent Gallo?" I looked at her funny, but noticed P.J. Harvey was standing right next to her and then I turned to the right to see who the girl elbowing me was. Turns out it was Chloe Sevigny. Um, yeah, even Chloe Sevigny doesn't get to elbow me out of my dancing room.


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