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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

666- Satan's Not All He's Cracked Up To Be

So, last night I went to the Stanton and Szandora LaVey wedding party. It was interesting. On one hand, it was good to escape all the Hollywood Hipsters. On the other hand we were surrounded by people I didn't really care to talk to either. Not much happened. Wee Man was there with some skanky blonde girl. Whoo-hoo! You scored the freaking midget from Jackass! You must be so aweosme. I did get to meet Matt Skiba, who is very handsome in person. He had on a very lovely pinstriped suit. I think I'm just excited there's actually a vegan who's not straightedge. (Sorry Davey! When I become "straightedge", they'll really be calling it "sober".) The show was fun. I finally saw 45 Grave. Dinah Cancer still looks amazing. In fact, she looks better than when we used to see her out at the goth clubs. Then Hank III played. I love Hank III. He actually had people moshing during his country set. I have to admit, when Glenn Danzig came out, I was just as excited as everyone else. Even though actually seeing Danzig this fall was way more exciting, this was still cool. The night didn't really end up anywhere. We hung out with Dead Girls Corp. One of the guys in the band, the one that looks like Steve-O, has a 19 year old kid. I should have known that couldn't have been good. The afterparty was a bust. Silly me believed that Danzig might show up. Oh, well.

Two things that have been on my mind:
1. I finally read the article about AFI in the new AP. I didn't know AFI was asked to do Curiosa. I'm torn. It makes me sad because I could have been hanging out with Davey that summer, but on the other hand, I was kinda chub so maybe not.
2. I've been watching Breaking the Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers on Fuse. I still have a crush on Anthony Kiedis. I used to have the naked sock poster above my bed and I used to draw pictures of Anthony when I was like 13. That was, unfortunately, a long time ago.


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