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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Boys With Beards are Hot

Cave In w/ Doomriders 12/9/2005 Knitting Factory

Unfortunately I missed most of Doomrider’s set because parking sucks, but what I heard I liked. They have a good, solid Hardcore/Metal thing going for them and I’m looking forward to hearing this band in the future. They also have a really hot t-shirt. Cave In was amazing,as usual. I love not having to define a band. Between the Caleb’s hardcore vocals and Steve’s rock vocals and the metal to prog rock range in their songs there really is no way to define them except by the crowd which mostly (very) young males in some sort of black jacket or t-shirt. I'm not going to make fun because the crowd was really into rocking out and they (as was I) were enthusiatic about every song Cave In played. Some old songs, some new songs, but always good songs. A huge treat was their guest drummer, Ben from Converge, who was so hot on the drums.
My friend and I had a chance to hang out with the band later that night and show our gratitude to the whole band for putting on such and awesome show. They were all so adorable. We were hanging out at Caleb's house and his girlfriend was so nice. The only thing that sucked was that they all have girlfriends and they are really nice guys. All of them mentioned how much they missed their girlfriends. Barf.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I Don't Like the Libertines

The Cribs 11/30/2005 Spaceland

I’m so over the UK. THERE IS NO NEXT BIG UK BAND! The Cribs are not the next big UK band. They are one of any number of British bands that all sound alike and all get drunk and are unintelligible when they speak. And these guys aren’t even cute. The only remotely amusing part was the drummer with ADD who couldn’t sit still and kept getting on top of the drum kit like a monkey. They sound just like the Libertines and I’ve already seen the Libertines and that’s when Doherty was still in the band and it was in a really small club and I still walked out. Needless to say I spent the better part of the night complaining about the Libertines, which is kind of funny because after the band played we went into the backroom and who was there but Carl Barat and company hanging out. It was all I could do to keep myself from going up to him and asking him how it feels to have kicked the junkie out of the band, but the junkie’s still way more popular than him and he gets to bang Kate Moss.


Official review:

Living Things/American Eyes 11/30/2005 Key Club

If sex sells Living Things should be famous by now! Even if their music wasn’t as amazing as it is, Living Things would still be the sexiest band on earth. Vocalist Lillian Berlin walked onto the stage in a fabulous white leather outfit that could give a young Mick Jagger a run for his money. Make that a double run with Lillian’s sexy moves. Unfortunately for the women, Lillian is married to video director Floria Sigismondi, although the way he flirted with the females in the crowd when he lowered himself down to the floor to sing you’d never be able to tell. Luckily the rest of the band, brothers Eve and Bosch Berlin and Corey**, are equally adorable and have their own sexy moves. They opened the set with their Indie 103 single “Bom Bom Bom.” Usually when a (fairly) unknown band opens with their single it’s a crowd killer, but the (far from full house) crowd seemed to be fans that really enjoyed the rest of the songs. Especially the girls. Openers American Eyes also have a way with the ladies, er, girls. Singer David Henry has a gaggle of girls in the front watching his every move and even yelling out lyrics verbatim in silences. Who cares if the music is typical? They’re fun to watch!

My notes:
After AE played I chatted with David for a sec. Turns out they're going out on that Deftones and Thrice tour. Too bad I'm not 14. But, when I was leaving, he said when he's done touring we're hanging out. I was totally smiling the whole way home.