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Saturday, April 29, 2006

I <3 AFI! I <3 Davey!

Okay, so you didn't really think there would be an AFI show in LA that I wouldn't get into, did you? To tell you the truth, I was really freaking out when I heard about it, but I did manage to get in. Right now I am so okay with not being at Coachella because I GOT TO SEE AFI LAST NIGHT! They were incredible. They played some old, some new, but most of what I wanted to hear. I'm a lame fan. I love Sing the Sorrow and I was perfectly content hearing the singles off that album. As much play as Miss Murder's been getting in my iPod, hearing it live for the first time was incredible. Davey is just an incredible, engaging performer. He respects and appreciates the audience. He looked amazing last night. He just cut his hair, which is a little sad, but he looked so good I guess if he can let the hair go, so can I. It was just an amazing show. I was talking to one audience member who paid a great deal of cash for his ticket, I expect he found it well worth it. I just kept asking what I did to deserve to be there. I love AFI so much and I really appreciated being at that show, but I'm still in awe that I even got to go to it. Since I got in through their management I was also in possession of a sparkly after show bracelet. I hung out for awhile, but Davey never did come upstairs. *Sigh* When AFI does go out on their own tour, which is inevitable with a new album, I hope I'll have the opportunity to tell him at the next show. Unfortunately I forgot my camera again! Here's an example of how shitty the Sidekick camera is:


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