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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette

I've been trying to avoid this all day. I really don't want to do this. I went to a screening of Marie Antoinette last night and I haven't been this sad leaving a movie in a long time. I love Sofia Coppola. I loved Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation. I didn't love Marie Antoinette.

It started out okay so far as I can remember, but the movie felt way to long, so it's hard to say. The art direction was fabulous plus it was filmed on location in France. The costumes were divine as was the hair. It was pretty to look at. I loved the imagery throught the film. What I didn't love is the cast and the music. I've actually been a Kirsten Dunst since Vampire. She has alway looked fabulous on screen and responded well to direction. She hasn't been a good improvisational actress, though and Sofia Coppola gave her far too much freedom in this film. Jason Schwartzman has also been a favorite of mine. I have seen virtually any movie he's been in (including Roman Coppala's disaster CQ). He had some really good moments in this film, otherwise he was just typical Jason Schwartzman. I did think his character went through a visible transformation, which was seen in Schwartzman's actions. The music started out okay. The modern music was fine until the characters went to the masquerade ball and Siouxsie and the Banshees was the actually music they were dancing to. If I had wanted Baz Luhrman I would have stayed home and watched Moulin Rouge. Well, at least she tried.

After the movie we went to an after party at Privilage that was scary because it was at Privilage. Then we went to see David from American Eyes and the two of us together are the biggest gossips ever. All we did was talk about people from high school and apparently Aaron Bruno thinks god is telling him to sing. For reals. And Davey's not gay today, but Jared Leto thinks Brent has beautiful eyes. And Anthony Kiedis is engaged to someone way younger than him and all guys want to date 18 year olds. Booger on that. Then we went to Check Yo Ponytail at Safari Sam's and someone had fliered for the Secret Machines free show at Union Station which made me sad because I still haven't heard from a certain drummer. *Sigh*


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