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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

B-A-N-Aw screw it...

Travis Barker’s Birthday Party presented by DC Shoes @ LAX 11/14/2005

The white (as opposed to red) carpet complete with MTV interviewing people should have been sign enough. “Beware: cheesy party ahead.” The initial excitement of being at Travis Barker’s birthday party wore off pretty quickly after the partygoers were herded to the door (next to the ice sculptures of Mr. Barker’s ghetto blaster tattoo) to await the over-mohawked birthday boy. Travis and his wife (Ms.lies in bed and gets pregnant) walked into a complete “shit is bananas,” marching band playing Hot hot Heat and Happy Birthday. (Marching bands are the new hip-hop apparently.) Luckily the party was open bar so everyone was too drunk to notice the music the dj was playing. (Pon De Replay, anyone?) The party turned out to be a fashion fuck fest. Anywhere I turned I met someone who repped a t-shirt line or worked for a street wear label. Steve-O eating a hot dog and that Asian kid from Hook made for some pretty poor gossip, kids. Imagine my delight at the end of the night when I was asked to sign a hold harmless for “Meet the Barkers.”


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