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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Boys With Beards are Hot

Cave In w/ Doomriders 12/9/2005 Knitting Factory

Unfortunately I missed most of Doomrider’s set because parking sucks, but what I heard I liked. They have a good, solid Hardcore/Metal thing going for them and I’m looking forward to hearing this band in the future. They also have a really hot t-shirt. Cave In was amazing,as usual. I love not having to define a band. Between the Caleb’s hardcore vocals and Steve’s rock vocals and the metal to prog rock range in their songs there really is no way to define them except by the crowd which mostly (very) young males in some sort of black jacket or t-shirt. I'm not going to make fun because the crowd was really into rocking out and they (as was I) were enthusiatic about every song Cave In played. Some old songs, some new songs, but always good songs. A huge treat was their guest drummer, Ben from Converge, who was so hot on the drums.
My friend and I had a chance to hang out with the band later that night and show our gratitude to the whole band for putting on such and awesome show. They were all so adorable. We were hanging out at Caleb's house and his girlfriend was so nice. The only thing that sucked was that they all have girlfriends and they are really nice guys. All of them mentioned how much they missed their girlfriends. Barf.


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