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Saturday, December 30, 2006

One More Entry Before the New Year

So, I know I haven't been keeping up this blog AT ALL. It's a product of being bipolar, I guess. I felt I needed to make some decisions about this blog and my supposed alter ego. Anyway, to make a long story short, I like writing and I don't see any reason to stop writing this blog. I may delete the MySpace account, as they've pegged me as a spammer anyway, but I will continue to write. Mainly about Davey, Pete and Gerard, just as I always have.

Speaking of Davey, I'm sitting here watching the DVD. That was such an incredible show. There was a point when Davey looked over at all the people standing on the side and it was so cute. I spent the whole show not believing I where I was and how beautiful everything was. I went to Berkeley for Christmas and went to Telegraph to imagine Davey walking around. It was my first time there and it was a little disappointing finding a Hot Topic and Wet Seal alongside Rasputin and Amoeba. I did get those baked french fries, though. Next time I'm going to Temple to get my AFI tattoo. I am a devoted fan.

What have I been up to? Hmmmm, well, I went to see Ladytron and the Faint on December 7th. That was a great show, although I was surprised Ladytron played as long as they did. I know Danny and the rest of them were a little under the weather. (In fact I only briefly saw Danny outside of the Palladium right before the show.) It was a great show. I love Ladytron and I had forgotten how much I loved the Faint.

I also went to KROQ's Almost Accoustic X-mas on the first night. What can I say? I must be such a lucky girl to have actually won those tickets. Seriously, no one I knew could get me in and I was lucky enough to win tickets on the radio. 30 Seconds to Mars were impressive. I love how Jared Leto is so into being a rock star. Fall Out Boy was fun. Not as fun as the Key Club, but I was happy to hear Arms Race. I still love Pete. I can't help it. My Chemical Romance for the first time ever was amazing. I love theatrics. I'm not going to lie. Gerard is such an amazing, expressive performer. If they weren't playing at the Forum I'd see them again in a heartbeat. I have a special place in my heart for Incubus and I love watching Brandon Boyd. It was very emotional for me to hear all those songs after such a long time. They sounded incredible and powerful and alive. If you get the chance, go see Incubus. I don't know how many times I've seen them in the last 12 years, but they have always been one of my favorite live bands even if I didn't remember until they started playing. AFI was of course the bestest band that played. What can I say? I went on a blind friend date, so to speak, with a girl who loves Davey as much as I do. So we had a whole row screaming for Davey. It was amazing. We didn't even stay for Foo Fighters. Why bother to mess up perfect Davey memories?

What else have I been up to? Meeting lots of cute boys, having fun living on my own, enjoying the company of new friends and generally getting used to being in LA. I met a boy at Christmas party. He's in a band, of course. In fact they've opened for AFI. Haha! I'm not going to say who, though. Why ruin it? Oh, yeah, I went to see my friend Rory play in Whitey. They are a fucking fun band to see. I don't have plans for tomorrow night, but I'm leaning towards Pop Levi at the Echo...

I have to talk about Pete of course. Every once in awhile I remember to read his journal on fueledbyramen. I saw this and was once again smitten:
"12/4/2006 - 3:42 AM EST
i want to fall in love with someone who can speak parseltongue.
- xo"
If you don't know what that means, too bad. I only care that Pete does. I just hope he means that in a cute way, not a dirty way...

I am also totally smitten with Gerard. In a mini interview in this month's Blender he talks about how he, a. Aim's people back home on his Sidekick 3 (See! All rockstars get free Sidekicks!), and b. When Welcome to the Black Parade came out he went and bought himself the entire Star Trek series on DVD. I would so love to sit there and watch Star Trek with my beautiful, blonde, comic book geek.

One more thing about Davey: Man his pants are tight. It's really hard not too look every single time I see him. Seriously.


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