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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pink Elephants

While I was waiting for Davey Havok to come to his own aftershow I met the artist behind this:

His name is Buff Monster and the Paris Hilton shoot was a long time ago, but it's kind of funny, so hey why not? Why do I feel a strange sense of deja vu? Oh, well. Check his stuff out!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I <3 AFI! I <3 Davey!

Okay, so you didn't really think there would be an AFI show in LA that I wouldn't get into, did you? To tell you the truth, I was really freaking out when I heard about it, but I did manage to get in. Right now I am so okay with not being at Coachella because I GOT TO SEE AFI LAST NIGHT! They were incredible. They played some old, some new, but most of what I wanted to hear. I'm a lame fan. I love Sing the Sorrow and I was perfectly content hearing the singles off that album. As much play as Miss Murder's been getting in my iPod, hearing it live for the first time was incredible. Davey is just an incredible, engaging performer. He respects and appreciates the audience. He looked amazing last night. He just cut his hair, which is a little sad, but he looked so good I guess if he can let the hair go, so can I. It was just an amazing show. I was talking to one audience member who paid a great deal of cash for his ticket, I expect he found it well worth it. I just kept asking what I did to deserve to be there. I love AFI so much and I really appreciated being at that show, but I'm still in awe that I even got to go to it. Since I got in through their management I was also in possession of a sparkly after show bracelet. I hung out for awhile, but Davey never did come upstairs. *Sigh* When AFI does go out on their own tour, which is inevitable with a new album, I hope I'll have the opportunity to tell him at the next show. Unfortunately I forgot my camera again! Here's an example of how shitty the Sidekick camera is:

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rockstars in a Pod

No, not an iPod. Apparently a real Pod in the middle of London's Trafalgar Square. Hopefully they'll export this series to America. Especially if the band is cute, although I'd like to see Pete Doherty squirm. The Darkness has already been approached.


Locklear Vs Richards Update

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Beck's a Scientologist! Seriously!

If you miss your Beck fix because you're boycotting Scientology check out my friend's band Soft and Slick I met Slick back when I lived in NYC and he's awesome. Their music isn't bad either. It's all pop sensibility with a hipster attitude. Check it out!

I Couldn't Help Myself


Drunk Groupie <3's American Eyes

I don't really have anything to gossip about today so here's American Eyes' Radio video.

Kelly Osbourne is Teeny Tiny

Seriously. She is really tiny, she just has a larger bust line and a round face, which happens to have perfect porcelain skin. And her blonde hair looks soooooo good. I had an assignment to give her some Blood is the New Black t-shirts last night at Check Yo'Ponytail. I almost chickened out, but I did it and she's really sweet. Unfortunately I forgot my camera! *Sigh* Oh, well. Maybe she'll wear a shirt somewhere. Oh, and I still <3 Franki Chan. He's awesome.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Denise Richards and Ritchie Sambora Confirmed

Just to remind everyone, I broke this yesterday....
Hollywood's New Love Triange (Yahoo Entertainment)

Monday, April 24, 2006

One Last Video

I swear! So, I'm still kind of torn Davey. First Alexis, now Jefree? If I didn't hear Matt Skiba's wife dated you first, I might not know what to think!

Pete <3's Mikey

Thank god there are people that have too much time on their hands! Because I only have enough time to waste to look for this stuff. I give you props, Alicia.

Pete Wentz on One Tree Hill!

I finally found something on You Tube! Eventually I'll just make my own, but here's what I can offer now: Check out Pete putting on eyeliner!

Party With the Drunk Groupie

This is where I'll be tomorrow. It should be a lot of fun. I love Franki Chan and the special guest is pretty awesome. I'll give you three clues about whom I believe is djing.

1. She's had a reality show
2. She's rock royalty
3. She always has awesome hair

Groupie Alert

This just in from reliable sources:

Denise Richards (Charlie Sheen's Ex and Baby Mama) has been spotted making out with Ritchie Sambora. None other than her BEST FRIEND Heather Locklear's very recent ex! I guess we all know where Charlie stands now.


Welcome to our world Denise. Speaking of Heather Locklear, I was watching "So Notorious" on VH1 (Sunday nights! Watch it!) last night and Tori Spelling was at the table with her mother (brilliantly played by Loni Anderson) and "Aaron," her fatther on speaker phone. "Aaron" says he's busy working on a reality series with Heather Locklear called "I was a TJ Hooker," but he's having problems with her. Tori's Gay, Persian friend then mutters, "Why? Because she won't play over 30 and She doesn't emote?" I still love you Heather Locklear, but the joke was funny! Sorry! Hey, you'll always have Wayne's World!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Groupie Archives

This site is kind of interesting. I'm alway so envious of girls that grew up in the hey day of groupie-dom when there wasn't so much pressure and stigma attached to the word. Free Love R.I.P.

Hollywood Diaries

It seems like LA was a lot more fun in the 60's and 70's. And even the 80's had Motley Crue...

Fall Out Boy Fan Spot

In honor of the Fall Out Boy SNL rerun last night:

I found this video on You Tube. I can totally appreciate this person's effort, as I once did the same thing for Andrew W.K. only I just made a Power Point. Ah, those kids! What will they come up with next? P.S. They used my favorite Fall Out Boy song.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Davey, Davey, Davey!

Alexis, I love you, but STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN!

I don't know where this is from. I found it on some message board. As much as I am enjoying this season of the Surreal Life, this picture is very disturbing to me. Especially since I find myself thinking, "If I was Andrea Lowell I would totally go there!" *Sigh* Maybe I am just a big fag hag. Take a look at Davey's pretty, pink french manicure...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This Just In!

Guess who Alternative Press' cover is for June?!? Their album drops 6/06/06 and I totally stalk the singer. I guess I'll have to pay for my subscription now...

If only!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ummm... Ever wondered...

I found an interesting website with some, um , questionable content. Tihs link is kind of for the 18 and over Groupie Girls. If you're feeling brave go ahead and click the link to learn all about (mainly old) rock stars. It's mostly older metal dudes, but Jacoby from Papa Roach, Trent Reznor and Derrik Whibley are mentioned.

I <3 Nikki Sixx

What rockstar's groupie are you?

You are Nikki Sixx's Groupie.
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Groupie Quiz

Are You A Groupie? Or ...

This was kind of cute. Take it and post your result as a comment!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Rockstars are People Too

I swear to god I'm getting a new pin up girl tattoo and naming it "Miss Murder"! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease marry me Davey Havok! I don't know how many of you were tuned into KROQ yesterday afternoon to hear the new A.F.I., but if you did, I'm sure you feel exactly the same way I do. I'm super excited to have a new A.F.I. song! But, to top that off, Stryker spoke with Davey over the phone. You can bet I was squealing like it was Joey McIntyre and I was a 12 year old in the 90's. I don't remember much of what Davey said. He talked about the new album and the Despair Faction kids on the new song. I don't really care what he was talking about. As long as he wasn't talking about getting married. Hee hee.

I only like guys that wear eyeliner.

Yesterday I got a new issue of Blender and you know that thing they have in the back? Well Doug Robb from Hoobastank is in this one. I had the lovely experience of going to high school with them and Dan Estrin did a pretty good job of making sure high school sucked for me. One way was by teasing me because I hung out with stoner types. Well yesterday I this is what I read:

"My guitarist, Dan Estrin, didn't really do any drugs either. He's one of my best friends, and within the last six months or a year he's been high every day, smoking pot like a madman. And he acts like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. He wants me to try it so bad, but I kind of like being able to say I've never done any drugs."

This is who you're letting down, Dan!

Now, I'm not really sure how to take this. It could be a joke. I wouldn't put it past those two. Why out your best friend like that? But if it isn't a joke, Dan is an idiot. Please don't do drugs, kids! They're bad! Hee hee!

What else is happening? I've been sick, so I haven't been out much. I'm kind of obsessing over Pete Wentz right now. It's like I'm posessed. What's next? I'm going to start listening to The Killers? Speaking of, I read this quote in Blender as well:

"Kanye West makes me ill." -Brandon Flowers

I'm not really sure how to take that, Mr. Flowers. I always knew you sucked, but I never imagined you would go that far. I'm glad my friend made fun of your name that one time. You were so faced you couldn't even say anything in return.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Chad Michael Murray isn't even dating that vile redhead. He's dating/engaged/impregnated (who knows!) an EXTRA! Well, not really an extra. A "cheerleader." This is her:

I don't recognize her and I watch that show every week. How much do you want to bet CMM was hooking up with Paris H and Elisha C on the House of Wax set? Did anyone else notice the looks CMM shoots Elisha (as he's playing her brother).

Real Groupie Turned Nerd Groupie?

OMG! I just read that Heather Locklear, ex of Tommy Lee AND Ritchie Sambora, is dating DAVID SPADE! Wha?!? Not that I have anything against David Spade. I love him (once I saw him and Chris Farley together at the Beavis and Butthead movie premiere and they were so adorable and bff!), but how does he get to date Heather Locklear? Here's the link to the Yahoo story.

Home Run!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I <3 One Tree Hill

Who watched One Tree Hill tonight?!? OMG! How weird is that show? There's a married couple in high school and Pete from Fall Out Boy makes out with another girl? Can I tell you how jealous I am? Plus, what is he doing in bed with a chick in high school?!? Does that bode well with Middle America?!? And why did Keith have to die? That's so messed up.

Oh, and Chad Michael Murray may be hot but he's worse than the character he played on Dawson's Creek. I don't know how Sophia Bush can stand to be on the same set as him. You go girl! You're much stronger than I am. The rumor is he's dating that awful redhead they brought in this season. But, if you really feel it necessary you can always enter to win that Sunkist thing and possibly tell his cheating ass off yourself.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Street Drum Corps Interview form Taste of Chaos 3/30/06

Drunk Groupie:How is Taste of Chaos going?

Street Drum Corps: (Bobby): So far we’ve done about 30 shows all over the United States. We’re getting ready to go into Canada. Every single show has been amazing. The bands are great. Lots of kids, there’s probably between five and ten thousand kids a night. We play right before the Deftones. We also play a song with the Deftones. So we get a chance to, you know, have that amazing crowd. And we go and hang out at our merch booth and talk to the kids, and try to really take in the whole experience, the whole Taste of Chaos experience, you know, all day long. Getting up early, setting up,

Frank: We play performances for the kids waiting in line. We go out and do street style, five minute little blasts for the kids waiting in line and that awesome because the get to see us just raw doing street style and then they get to come and see us doing the big show so that’s a really cool little treat.

DG:Any good gossip?

SDC: (Bobby): I woke up like two days ago and there was a sign that said “All Bands Orgy At 3pm.” (this got a little ridiculous, and my stupid ipod got fuzzy, so I’m not going to transcribe all of this answer, but we joked a lot about the Christian and Straight Edge Bands.)

DG:Which other bands have you been hanging out with?

SDC: (Adam): We hang out with everybody differently during the day. We all wake up at different times. We go to catering and hang out with the guys from Story of the Year, eat lunch with them and then we hang out side and smoke a cigarette with the guys from the Deftones, or whatever, so we kind of hang out with everybody, really.

Bobby: Hanging out on Taste of Chaos and Warped Tour are great for meeting other bands. (and once again my ipod recording got too fuzzy to understand, but Bobby was talking about how he has met bands in the past with his other band, S.T.U.N. on Warped that he has ended up touring with.)

Unfortunately my makeshift ipod digital recorder totally stopped working at this point until my last question, in which I can barely make out, but it’s an easy one:

DG: Did you start this band because chicks dig drummers?
SDC: (Bobby or Adam, I can’t tell/remember): Of course!

I have to apologize to everyone for not being more professional and having proper recording equipment! I swear next time I’ll do way better!