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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Years Eve Usually Sucks Anyway.

NYE 12/31/05

As usual my party was lagging in getting our asses out the door. Not that we were that excited about the gloomy weather or anything. Our first stop was the Little Radio warehouse party. First of all, I have to admit, I was a little insulted that either addVICE or Dimmak would guest list me. Then I get there to find out that they wouldn’t even give me VIP access. You'd think they'd respect the LA Record by now! We missed Living Things and Icarus Line. The Warlocks were good. I can only describe them as having a “comfortable” sound. I like listening to them. They actually made me less anxious. After the Warlocks played they had a really lame countdown. I didn’t notice Emile Hirsch (Jay Adams in Lords of Dogtown) like they had promised. (Plus side- they did have ample Rolling Rock, Sparks,Vitamin Water and what looked like slutty girls.) After that I decided we needed to book it because it looked like DJ Elhaam was up and she’s, well, a little boring to put it politely (I think they let her dj cause she allegedly dates Matt Bellamy from Muse). We booked it downtown to the El Rey to the goth shindig. Needless to say we missed the entertainment there as well. I don’t know what the deal was with the VIP that night, but apparently they “ran out of wristbands.” My cohort Erik Brunetti (or LA Record cover bitch) had to distract the guard so I could run up and hide in the dj booth with Carlos D. I think half the crowd was just girls stalking him. Eventually the guards gave up because there were like 50 people in the El Rey in total. The night ended with plenty of debauchery with Carlos D and Nicola and Adam from ADULT. at the Riot House afterparty (don't tell the security!). As far as New Year’s Eves go, this was pretty tame.


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