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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Groupies Get No Respect

It's been a crazy couple of days here in Groupieland.

Saturday I drove to San Diego to go to The Secret Machines show. I won't lie about the show. It was good. Not the best I've been to, but I might have been a tad nervous seeing as I was actually going to meet up with you know who, otherwise known as the drummer, Josh. Normally, I wouldn't be divulging personal details, but I'm feeling a bit rejected and I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when my feelings have been hurt. Anyway, the night went spectacularly. Josh dj'd at Beauty Bar after the show and actually played some really good music. I don't know why I was surprised, but maybe that should have been my first warning. We actually had a great time. The whole band came out and we all squeezed into this tiny BMW to get back to the hotel.

The next day I was really tired, but I don't know what happened aside from that. We spent the day together, we had fun. So I thought. Towards the end of the night he started getting a little distant. I didn't think much of it. I figured we're tired. Whatever, right? Well, the next day was even worse. I drove him back to LA and on the way back he did a phone interview and he says to me, "It was weird doing an interview and thinking it could be my last." Well I'm sorry I'm a shitty driver, Josh. After I dropped him off at the bus I went home to clean up and I went back to the Avalon for the show. It was cool. I was a little annoyed I wasn't being allowed backstage before the show. Taylor Hawkins had called Josh the night before to tell him he was going to be there and I figured it would be a good time to meet him, as opposed to after the show. Whatever. I watched the show. It was amazing. I love that band, but I knew I would ruin it for myself. This isn't the first time. I go backstage after the show and play cat and fucking mouse with Josh the entire evening and then at the end he asks me if I can drop him off at the hotel. What? So I did. On the way there, I asked him if he'd be terribly disappointed if I went to the Beastie Boys show instead of theirs the next night, as I had been invited and thought it was a good opportunity. He was like, yeah you should go. And I was like, well I'll see you after. And he said to text him. I was under the impression I'd hear from him. Well, jokes on me. It's 11pm on Wednesday and I still haven't heard from him. I swear to god I'm the poster child for "He's Just Not That Into You." Is the Greg Behrendt show still on? They should totally have me as a guest.

So, last night, I did attend the Beastie Boys show at the Fonda as a guest of their manager's boyfriend. It was an okay Beastie Boys show. It was a lot shorter than I'd thought it would be. And to be honest, they're getting a little old for their songs, as I'm sure they're aware. They were still fun to watch. They didn't play any of my personal favorites, but I guess I'll live. We went to the after party upstairs and hung out for a bit. We delivered a bunch of t-shirts to Ad-Rock's wife Kathleen Hanna. I almost wish it was a Le Tigre show instead. Haha! Sorry Beastie Boys! No one that interesting (besides Kathleen) was there. Donovan Leitch was there wearing a sweater with a big pot leaf and talking to his ex-brother-in-law, Adam Horowitz (or Ad-Rock to the uninformed). Carmen Electra was there, sans Dave Navarro of course. And my friend saw some dude who was on Rockstar Supernova. We went to Check Yo Ponytail afterwards and apparently missed Orlano Bloom's appearance. I supposed he was there to see fellow birts, the Kooks, who I am not disappointed to have missed.

So, moral of the story is, most band guys suck. Especially the drummers. (See Tommy Lee if you don't believe me.) If you're going to be dumb like me, don't ever fall for a musician unless they've already proposed or at least given you some diamonds. Seriously.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Saturday Night's Alright

Omg! Secret Machines Saturday in San Diego! How happy am I? Its hard
to try and be aloof about it. And I'm even going alone. Like a real
adult going to have a real rendevouz. Nevermind that I actually am a
real adult...


What do you think? Does this mean it's finally time to stop texting him and give him a call. Too bad the bad bunny went out without me tonight to see Pete. She sucks. He's at Tiny's right now, btw. She doesn't even like Pete! She only likes Vincent Gallo! And she hates the Beatles, yet likes Sean Lennon because VG does! Poser!

Dear Debi,
Here is your single's love horoscope
for Thursday, October 19:

The stars send you a double dose of charm when it comes to love. You could talk the birds out of the trees if you wanted to. So now the question is, who do you want to talk into doing something with you?

Argh! Just call me already drummer boy!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette

I've been trying to avoid this all day. I really don't want to do this. I went to a screening of Marie Antoinette last night and I haven't been this sad leaving a movie in a long time. I love Sofia Coppola. I loved Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation. I didn't love Marie Antoinette.

It started out okay so far as I can remember, but the movie felt way to long, so it's hard to say. The art direction was fabulous plus it was filmed on location in France. The costumes were divine as was the hair. It was pretty to look at. I loved the imagery throught the film. What I didn't love is the cast and the music. I've actually been a Kirsten Dunst since Vampire. She has alway looked fabulous on screen and responded well to direction. She hasn't been a good improvisational actress, though and Sofia Coppola gave her far too much freedom in this film. Jason Schwartzman has also been a favorite of mine. I have seen virtually any movie he's been in (including Roman Coppala's disaster CQ). He had some really good moments in this film, otherwise he was just typical Jason Schwartzman. I did think his character went through a visible transformation, which was seen in Schwartzman's actions. The music started out okay. The modern music was fine until the characters went to the masquerade ball and Siouxsie and the Banshees was the actually music they were dancing to. If I had wanted Baz Luhrman I would have stayed home and watched Moulin Rouge. Well, at least she tried.

After the movie we went to an after party at Privilage that was scary because it was at Privilage. Then we went to see David from American Eyes and the two of us together are the biggest gossips ever. All we did was talk about people from high school and apparently Aaron Bruno thinks god is telling him to sing. For reals. And Davey's not gay today, but Jared Leto thinks Brent has beautiful eyes. And Anthony Kiedis is engaged to someone way younger than him and all guys want to date 18 year olds. Booger on that. Then we went to Check Yo Ponytail at Safari Sam's and someone had fliered for the Secret Machines free show at Union Station which made me sad because I still haven't heard from a certain drummer. *Sigh*

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards/Pete Wentz Update

I heart Rob Zombie!

So, last night I was "lucky" enough to go to the taping of the Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. As with most award shows, this was kind of a joke. Although, I know the Fangoria crowd will beg to differ. (Fangoria is a magazine for horror buffs, if you haven't already figured that out.) The Chainsaw awards have actually been around quite awhile, which made for an interesting crowd between the nerdy magazine people and the teeny bopper kids there for the music.

The awards themselves are cool if you're a horror fan. Films like that don't get the recognition they deserve. The categories are kind of kooky, but what the hay. And considering the only other time I've been to the Orpheum is for a screening of Dead Alive, a part of me does feel at home with that crowd. I'm not going to talk about the awards, though. I love Fuse too much to spoil it for them. I will talk about the music and the gossip, though.

First of all, the evening was way more subdued than I'd expected. Apparently between Fuse and Fangoria, they didn't have enough pull to bring in a celebrity-filled audience. In fact, unimportant people such as myself were ushered to the floor from the balcony to fill seats. Which is exciting for an unimportant person.

I watched Avenge Sevenfold do their thing with the smoke and the strippers from the balcony, which was actually a good place to watch them from. I'm afraid that close up they wouldn't be as cute as I expect them to be. Plus, Bat Country isn't my favorite song. After they played, one of the people from the show started asking people if they wanted to come downstairs. Of course I wanted to be closer for 30 Seconds to Mars!

Unfortunately, we had to sit through a lot of awards and a performance by Chingy before that would happen. And like I said, I won't spoil the awards. Not even Prince of Darkness. Which brings me to the PETE WENTZ UPDATE! I haven't had one in soooooo long. And I blame my friends for being party poopers and not wanting to go to LAX with me! Anyway, Pete and Patrick presented the award for creepiest kid. Why did they have to put Pete up there with kids? He was a little awkward, but it's because he's a big kid himself, I guess. I think he just wanted to play with the kid from the Omen. But in a good way. Like busting out the Transformers or something. After the performers present, they're bussed through to the lobby. My friend gets up to get a drink and she comes back and was like "Pete was standing right next to me." Of course, I couldn't just go out there to stare. That's not cool. Then she nudges me, "Pete's to my right!" So I look over and there he is, looking for a seat to watch 30 Seconds to Mars. I tried to telepathically get him to sit next to us. Unfortunately, that didn't work. They did sit down right behind us, though. Needless to say I could not breathe for a second. I wanted so badly to turn around and start talking to him! Argh! It just wasn't the time and place for that. They didn't have to be in the audience, so even though they were talking about an afterparty, I didn't want to bother them. I probably should have, though. Pete is cute close up. Haha! It was kind of distracting knowing that Pete was behind me while 30 Seconds to Mars played, but Jared is so beautiful and I knew all the words...

30 Seconds to Mars were as amazing as I expected. Jared Leto and company deserve to sell millions records. Their performance was a little over the top, but who cares, right? Jared Leto is so beautiful and so intense that he just makes sense. I'm really ashamed to say I wasn't behind them on the first album. I'm curious to see this performance on TV. First of all, they had these weird druid people in cloaks. I guess you'll just have to watch. I can't even explain it. All I know is they sounded amazing. I think my new obsession may have to be Shannon Leto. I know he's not as pretty as Jared, but something about him intrigues me. Maybe it's cause he's a drummer. Maybe it's the photography thing. Who knows. Somehow I'm going to have to find him and hopefully have a proper conversation. Any advice, people?

After the show we hung out in the lobby for awhile. I wanted to see Pete again, but no luck. We did see Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship and Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, though. I was also secretly hoping to see Mike Shinoda from Lincoln Park, since I did want to be that lame girl that goes up to him and says, "We went to high school together. Do you remember me?" And the real test would be to see if he says no, because I think I'm a heck of a lot more attractive now than I was in high school! Actually the real test would be to find Dan Estrin and see what he says. Ew. I have that yearbook waiting to be scanned. Maybe I'll do it this afternoon....

We couldn't get the lowdown on the afterparty, so we only won half the battle-getting into the awards, which I have to thank Virgin Records and 30 Seconds to Mars and their fanclub for. I wouldn't have gone for anyone else. Well, not anyone else playing that show anyway.