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Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Surreal Life

Last night started out pretty unexciting. If fact, it didn't end up all that exciting either.

I was supposed to be guestlisted for the Kills show through my internship from back in New York. Turns out their contract with She Wants Revenge was pushed back and they didn't feel the need to tell me. Well, I hope they realize how bad their reputation is in LA and there's a reason they lost that contract.

Apparently Living Things are moving to LA in October. They have a contract with that certain marketing company. Hopefully they'll see how much of the country that company ignores and the record label will find another marketing company. And hopefully I'll meet those hotties and stir up some trouble! Maybe I can get a job working for Lillian's wife Floria Sigismondi.

After we drove all the way to the El Rey we were pretty pissed. We decided we may as well go down to the Cahuenga Corridor. We were sitting at Burgundy Room with nothing to do, so I decided I should text message David from American Eyes. I guess it's just hit or miss with him. Sometimes he'll message me back other times he'll just say he's no good with the phone... Argh. Boys.

Burgandy Room was boring so we went to Beauty Bar to say hi to Apollo and see what was going on there. Nothing. As usual. I ran into an ex-whatever in the back room and he informed me that he had just spotted Johnny Knoxville walking down the street. So after pretending not to care, what did Bunny and I do? Ran to the Burgundy Room, of course!

Mr. Knoxville was there. He was pretty animated and seemed to like the music A LOT. Apparently there were other members of the Jackass gang hanging out. Bunny didn't share until we were on our way back to Beauty Bar. By the time we got back to Burgundy Room they were gone. This Drunk Groupie was pissed. I wanted some Bam Margera action to blog about!

After I calmed down, we went back to Beauty Bar because at least they had a working bathroom. Turns out the Jackasses decided to go there too. I was pretty disappointed by them. Bam Margera was pretty sedate and he was with some unattractive blond girl. Boy does he have terrible taste in women. Chris "Party Boy" Pontius was pretty damn boring, too. Where's the metallic bikini underwear? I don't know what's worse, the annoying Japan scene in Jackass the movie or the hideous way he dresses when he's not being annoying. Seriously, what did I expect? Not that Johnny Knoxville is exactly a class act, but at least he's good looking. Look out. Apparently they gave Ryan Dunn his own show, too. WTF, MTV?

The moral of the story is, if a guy is or was on a show called Jackass. That's exactly what he is. Unfortunately, MTV likes to give Jackasses TV shows. I guess we're fucked.

Friday, September 23, 2005

1 Hour LA

I'm trying to make an effort to be more rock 'n' roll. I actually went out on a week night with work the next day. Bunny and I went to the Key Club to see her friend play in his band, the Squares. Thursday nights at the Key Club are weird. I don't think I've ever seen a good band play there. We ran into David from American Eyes on our way out. He was with a girl. Boo. She looked about 15. Double boo. Then it was on to Loose Tooth at Forbidden City. I said hi to Steve Aoki. He seemed kinda bummed. But I guess we're all kind of recovering from the party hurricaine with all the various bands that have been playing. The Donna's dj'd. We left. Not too exciting. Hopefully the weekend will be better.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My "Official" Interpol show review

This may or may not appear in the LA Record.

The best thing about an Interpol show is the Interpol fan. From the dolled up goth girl to the Carlos D wannabe, the crowd rarely disappoints. Tuesday’s show at the Greek was no exception. The crowd was on its feet the whole time. Some even made signs to flash. And though the set wasn’t perfect the fans loved every minute of it. Especially watching Carlos D, who is by far the most entertaining band member, playing his bass guitar every which way and flashing excited fans his sly smile.

The party surrounding Interpol is amazing. From Carlos’s “minions” (myself, being a card-carrying member) to The O.C.’s Adam Brody, the backstage crowd was a motley bunch. Unfortunately, the only band member to grace the VIP’s with his presence was Sam. Luckily, I knew where the party was at and it wasn’t at Cinespace. Sorry, this Drunk Groupie doesn’t give it up for any one.

Say Hello to the Angels

Well, the Drunk Groupie has had a long couple of days taking off work to follow around her favorite band, Interpol.

The first show in Vegas was typical Vegas. No one cares. Bunny and I arrived in Las Vegas at around 4:30 pm on Monday. Barely enough time to don our scandalous bathing suits at the massive pool at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. We were definintely hoping for some celebrity gossip to be around, but we were sorely disappointed.

bored with the pool, we retreated to our room to get ready for the Interpol show at the Joint that evening. Oddly enough, we had run into Mr. Carlos D himself earlier that day in the parking lot (of all places) as we rolled into the hotel, so at least we knew everything was kosher (and we knew what room to find him in!).

The show was good. No Stella. And I was kinda disappointed I got no birthday shout out, although I knew better than to expect that. I also kind of got the vibe that my birthday party was not gonna happen that night. The minions were tired. The band was tired. It was all the Drunk Groupie could to do down a bottle of Jack Daniels while watching the Doors and Led Zeppelin in the true spirit of Rock 'n' Roll.

The next day we drove back in the rain. I barely had enough time to get home, nap, get dressed and go to the Greek for show number two. Luckily the night turned out to be much better than the last (except I didn't have a cool hotel room and I had to drive).

I picked up my genius friend, Irene, who was my plus one for the night. We went to the Greek, and went to the box office to get our tickets. As usually I never know what to expect and all I can do is hope that the Greek gives VIP passes to the band's guests. And they do! The "hospitality" passes got us to this amazing VIP area with food and booze and somewhere to smoke. We only had a few minutes before Interpol went on, so we just used the posh toilet and downed a beer.

The show was bittersweet for me. I hated watching them and knowing that would be the last time I would see them for a very long time. And once again, no Stella. They played a good set and the crowd enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we went back to the hospitality area and hung out and drank some more beer. Not a lot of interesting people, unfortunately. Just us minions of Carlos and Adam Brody from the OC. I think he was there with his band or something.

After a million years, it seemed like, I finally got a text from Jenny Penny saying to go to Cinespace. Well, we get to Cinespace and it's a mad house. No one had any idea what was going on. Luckily, someone heard from Carlos of Jenny and they decided not to go to Cinespace (phew!) and just to have the party at the hotel.

Off to the Riot House we went. Man, I love that hotel. I always have the bestest time there.

The smaller than usual room filled up as the night went on. Some people I knew (the minions) and some I did not. The Scarling girls were hangin' out and my biggest surprise was Jason Baron of Darkroom fame, who had just happened to stop over in LA on his way to see his mama. Aw. Somehow, he managed to not hear me when I said, "bye, I'm moving to LA." So he asked what I was doing in LA. And I was like, "did ya think I just stopped going to your bar for no reason? Even Eric knows I moved to LA." That's okay, though, cause Jason is just too damn charming for his own good. If you ever meet him, girls, watch out.

The party was in typical Interpol fashion. Stan the man the security guard was even hanging out at one point. It was typical rock 'n' roll cause there were things going on that a security guard should not know about! In fact, either should you!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

CMJ Ruins Everything if You're Stuck in LA!

Things in LA have been pretty quiet this week due to CMJ in NYC. All I can do is read all the e-mail invites for all of the parties I'm missing. Everyone in NYC is really nice and say "you're not missing anything," blah, blah, blah. Don't patronize the Drunk Groupie, biatches! Even when CMJ isn't that great it's still fun running from show to show to show each night and seeing a million bands.

Friday night Bunny and I went to an art opening that was mainly Exene Cervenka's artwork. Which was cool, typical rocker collage-poetry stuff. What I didn't expect was the other random celebrity art, which included Toni "Hey Mickey you're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey!" Basil, who happeded to be there. She's had a lot of work done, but I think it looks good. Plus she's in Easy Rider (Dennis Hopper's photography was also up) and that's totally a groupie must movie.

I'm still trying to decide if I should go to San Diego to meet up with Interpol. Regardless, my birthday is still tomorrow and I'm still going to Vegas. Hopefully that'll lead to some good blogging. Stay tuned...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

You Poor Thing

I've been neglecting my "child." This blog was supposed to be my pride and joy. My passion. Whoops. Good thing it's not a kid. Sorry, blog.

Anyway, last night I went out with Bunny to a bunch of her hoity toity art stuff. Some of it was cool. I'm sure she'll write about it in her own blog.

After 2 galleries (which thankfully (or not) had free booze) I got to go to the Dim Mak weekly at the Vanguard VIP room. (Ooooh, VIP...) Drunk Groupie was at her drunkiest. Gotta love Steve Aoki for his boundless energy and ability to put up with wasted starfuckers. I finally got meet Benji Madden after missing everything else he did in LA this week. Very good vibe coming from him, but he was a little reserved. Thankfully Steve introduced us because by the time Benji arrived I was on my 4th or 5th drink. Okay, point being I am lame and my plan to tell Mr. Madden that Trent Reznor is never going to work with him failed miserably. People that don't drink are so intimidating! Damn those sober fuckers! Plus, I guess I have a soft spot for chubby, tattoed rock stars who wear eyeliner and Misfits shirts, even if they do play horrible pop punk.

So I said my goodbye to Benji and we went out side to find a $45 ticket on Bunny's which, for some reason, I agreed to pay even though I was visibly drunk and wasn't responsible for reading the parking signs. I guess we better hope my car makes it Vegas and back cause there goes the rental car money...

Onward we went to some really unfortunate gallery in which Steve was meeting up with his partner in crime, Franki Chan, who had already been there spinning. The thing was really terrible and by the time we got there I was buzzing from the diet pill I took and I was annoyed with the ticket and annoyed I couldn't chat up Benji some more.

Boo! It was a fun night, it just sounds so lame on paper!

Tune in again for next week's blog when I get to party with Interpol in Vegas for my birthday!